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セリーナ・ウィリアムズ × ナイキ ウィメンズ エアフォース 1

Posted by yoikopi 口コミ on August 19, 2022 at 4:29am 0 Comments

テニス最強の"クイーン"を称えるラグジュアリーなディテール!女子テニス界史上最強の名を欲しいままにする、"SERENA WILLIAMS(セリーナ・ウィリアムズ)"。フィジカルを活かしたパワーテニスに、繊細かつ緻密なゲームプランとタフなマインドを兼ね備え、注目を浴びるファッショナブルなウェアも着用。スポンサー契約を結ぶ"NIKE(ナイキ)"が、2019年に一部の女性アスリートと結んだ、"妊娠・出産の権利を侵害する契約"が明らかになると、「ナイキは"失敗"から学び、そして改善する」と、毅然とした態度で対応、アスリートの域を超えた社会的な影響力を持ち合わせる。これまでに、"OFF WHITE"とのトリプルコラボとなる、"AIR MAX 97(エアマックス 97)"や、"BLAZER(ブレーザー)"などもリリース、スニーカーフリークからも注目を浴びる"セリーナ"のシグネチャーモデル。2022年にデビューした"WMNS AIR FORCE 1 LOW LXX(ウィメンズ エアフォース1 ロー… Continue


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ウェブエクラ週間(2022/4/11~4/17)ランキングトップ10にランクインした人気ファッションをピックアップ!アラフィー女性たちが今一番気になる旬のアイテムや着こなしをチェックして。  第1位  【2022春のプチプラファッション】アラフィー華組ブロガーの『ユニクロ・GU』高見えコーデ特集

☆ヴィトン☆チャーリー スニーカー シューズ・メンズ 1A9RYU-

☆ヴィトン☆チャーリー スニーカー シューズ・メンズ 1A9RYU

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定番バレンシアガ PARIS HIGH TOP スニーカー ホワイト bad29188

バレンシアガ PARIS… Continue

Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) Market is Expected to Reach $3,739.2 million by 2030

CDSS has strong potential for growth and adoption across regions. However, a significant fraction of the CDSS installed currently do not provide features beyond general alerts, reminders, summary dashboards, and automated information retrieval systems. The technology is still in its nascent stage. 

The global clinical decision support systems (CDSS) market registered the market value of $1,918.8 million in 2020 and is expected to reach $3,739.2 million by 2030. Major factors that influence the growth of clinical decision support systems (CDSS) market include growing emphasis on reducing medical errors and hospital readmission rates to reduce healthcare costs, rise in the number of chronic diseases, technological advancements in the field of information technology, and partnerships between CDSS vendors and cloud-based service providers.

Global CDSS Market Size and Forecast (2020-2030)

Global CDSS Market
Scope of the Global CDSS Market

The purpose of the study is to enable the reader to gain a holistic view of the global CDSS market by each of the segments mentioned above.

The research report constitutes an in-depth study of the global CDSS market, including a thorough analysis of revenues generated from the use of CDSS in professional healthcare settings. Based on the product launches, approvals, and ongoing strategic collaborations, as well as business expansions, the market size and potential for the forecast period of 2021-2030 have been estimated.

Growth Drivers

• Growing Emphasis on Reducing Medical Errors and Hospital Readmission Rates to Reduce Healthcare Costs

• Rise in the Number of Chronic Diseases

• Technological Advancements in the Field of Information Technology

• Shortage of Healthcare Workforce to Drive Demand for CDSS

• Partnerships between CDSS Vendors and Cloud-Based Service Providers

Market Restraints

• Reluctance of Clinicians to use CDSS Systems due to Computer Illiteracy

• Lack of Interoperability among CDSS and EHR

• Data Security and Privacy Concerns

Market Opportunities

• Integration of CDSS with Blockchain

• Collaborations with Precision Medicine Providers

• Business Expansion in the Emerging Markets

• Product Differentiation

Expert Quote

“The clinical decision support systems of the future are expected to be developed to leverage data to make observations which are not interpretable by humans. Healthcare IT systems in the future are expected to leverage cutting-edge technology as an enabler to make clinical care more streamlined and accurate. The technology is still in its nascent stage. One of the strong points of this technology is that it improves with time. Continuous input from clinicians, patients, and other stakeholders will be essential for correctly implementing the technology to enhance meaningful uses, reduce costs, and improve treatment outcomes.”

Key Questions Answered in this Report:
• How has COVID-19 impacted the adoption of CDSS as well as the market dynamics influencing it?
• What are the key regulations governing the CDSS market in key regions?
• What are the technological developments which are expected to have the maximum influence on the global CDSS market?
• Who are the leading players to hold significant dominance on the global CDSS market currently?
• What are the key business models being followed by the key players in the market?
• What are some of the major factors which are expected to influence the growth in adoption of CDSS across the globe?
• What are the key strategies incorporated by leading players in the global CDSS market landscape?
• What is the current revenue contribution for the different types of CDSS, and what are the expected modifications in the forecast period?
• Which countries contribute to the major share of the current demand, and which ones hold significant scope for growth during the next 10 years?

Key USPs of the Report

Following are some of the key contents of the report:

• Industry Analysis
o Ecosystem Analysis
o Evidence-Based Analysis
o Entry Barriers to Adoption/Implementation
o Regulatory Framework
o Patent Landscape

• Impact of COVID-19
This section of the report encompasses the following:
o Key Trends
o Scenario Competitive Analysis (Pre-COVID, During-COVID, and Post-COVID-19)
o Effect on Competitive Landscape and Product Demand
o Regional Impact
o Future Perspective and Recommendations

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In addition, the report provides:

• A detailed analysis and growth forecast (2021-2030) for different market segments
• Recent developments and trends in the global market landscape
• Factors promoting and inhibiting the market growth
• Company revenue share analysis for 2019

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