The Philippines is a lot of blissful islands that celebrate nearly everything in a flamboyant manner. Festival events are fantastic in the Philippines and this is why It's More Enjoyable to explore each and every island. The festivals are more than simply simple celebrations-- vivid outfits, parades, music, food and processions illustrate historic customs, Mexican and Spanish impacts are effectively displayed in the events. The Filipinos experience excellent delight and liveliness in commemorating the festivals that depict their culture, season or numerous events that are reasons for joy and merrymaking. There are various celebrations, practically one for every province, celebrated with excellent pomp and show. The top celebrations and fair in the Philippines are listed below for your assistance. Hope you experience more than when throughout your journey to the Philippines.


January sees the festival of the Black Nazarene. No doubt, it is one of the most jazzing up celebrations that not only climaxes the custom-mades and history but showcases the religious side of the eastern kingdom.

Celebration Highlights

The paths of Translacion have actually changed throughout the years due to the fact that of the structural incompetence and growing accidents on the old conventional path.

The celebration originated from Mexico to the Philippines in 1606.

The statue is continued the carriage which has 2 big ropes that are pulled by the fans.


Ati-Atihan Festival is no doubt the most popular of all Philippine festivals. Iloilo's Dinagyang Festival and Cebu's Sinulog were motivated by the Kalibo event. The Ati-Atihan Celebration is held each year on every third Sunday of January to honour Santo Nino (Infant Jesus).

Festival Highlights

Being a pagan festival, the Ati-Atihan Festival was implied to commemorate the Anito than Santo Nino, which is celebrated now.

In 2019, the celebration will include never-ending snake dance at the Magsaysay Park.

The translation of Ati-Atihan methods 'to be like the Atis'.


This is the country's significant festivals held in Cebu, which is marked by a long parade by various participating groups in beautiful and colourful costumes, dancing to honour Santo Nino or Child Jesus. Roughly 1 million individuals swarm into the area to witness cultural occasions, performances and drown in revelry. Apart from the religious rituals and traditions, the festival is acknowledged for its road parties, food, cultural events and a lot of historic aspects. An image of Jesus is stated to use blessings to everyone who ends up being a part of the moment.

Festive Emphasizes

The word Sinulog actually means, "like the water existing" and is in fact the name of a dance action.

Apart from street dancing, the Sinulog Festival likewise consists of a fluvial parade, a charm pageant and a choral competition.

Individuals in the street dance competitors originated from all over the country.


The Dinagyang Festival is among the most popular fest in the Iloilo City, Philippines area and in 2019 it will be the 50th anniversary of the festival. It's also an award-winning festival and is considered as the finest tourism event in the nation. The celebration traces its past as an honouring merriment towards Senyor Santo Nino-- the Kid Jesus.

Joyful Highlights

The Dinagyang celebration has actually been recognized by the Association of Tourist Officers in the Philippines.

This celebration has an official mascot referred to as Dagoy, a welcoming Aeta kid-mascot who stands 6ft 9in tall.


What was a mere experience for both locals and visitors, became a nationwide pride and got listed as one of the very best festivals in the Philippines. The Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga is typically hung on a weekend showing destinations like the hot air balloons, skydiving and some military airplane drills. In 1994, the festival started with 10 balloons piloted by the professionals. From 1996 to 1998, the hot air balloon saw a tremendous escalation with mass individuals and other adventures such as-- sky diving, paragliding, kite flying, hang gliding and more. From 2004 to date, the festival entices more than 50,000 people from all over. Depending upon the wind, the balloons remove from 5:30 AM and chased by kids on the ground. You can delight in the flight with the tickets that are available.

Joyful Highlights

Numerous aerobatic and off-road driving exhibitions would be there.

The Fly Market Carnival within the facilities has a variety of stores, food and beverages for the visitors. One can likewise buy souvenirs there.

The primary destination of the festival is the Hot Air Balloon reveal that happens during the sunrise and sunset.


From February until the very first Sunday of March, the month-long festival function consists of stunning boats made from numerous flowering flowers in various colours. The entire celebration consists of open parades, markets, trade fairs and a float parade. The celebration initially began in the 90s to encourage and influence the people who were impacted by an earthquake.

Joyful Emphasizes

Panagbenga is a Kankaney term that indicates a season of blooming which is a time of flowering.

In 2017, the Panagbenga parade drew 2 million individuals to Bagauio.

The Bagauio festival started in the 90s to recuperate from the damage of the 1990 Luzon earthquake.


The Bamboo Organ festival is rather various from routine celebrations as it includes the celebration of the earliest bamboo pipeline organ on the planet. Known to be among the list of popular festivities, this celebration is held annually in the St. Joseph Parish Church best festivals in the philippines in Las Pinas. The festival collects all the music enthusiasts from the four corners of the world to take pleasure in a ravishing musical performance by specialist organists. If this is not promoting, nothing else can churn the interest of music enthusiasts. This festival started as a homage to the fading organ history that revived love and enthusiasm for organ players and the instrument itself. Since beginning, there was no turning back for this festival instead, it grew to higher value and it is held for 10 days.

Festive Emphasizes

More than 50 organists from all over the world have participated in the festival in 2018. The festival includes renowned artists like Jennifer Pascual, Austria's Martin Haselbock.

The Las Pinas Boys' Choir carry out during occasion series.


Those who want to enjoy a genuinely remarkable holy experience may head over to Marinduque for the Moriones Celebration. The festival-goers use M masks can be discovered loitering on the streets throughout the Holy Week. Morion masks are wooden productions that are implied to look like Roman soldiers. The festival is typically a tribute of the half-blind soldier Longinus who pierced Jesus on the ribs. It is thought that when he used the spear, some blood drops fell into his eyes restoring his sight. Due to this experience, the soldier accepted Christianity. The festival sees people dressed as soldiers and the crucifixion is enacted which is experienced by all. With such classy and pomp, this celebration is considered as among the top festivals in the Philippines.

Joyful Emphasizes

Apart from morions, Holy Week events in Marinduque likewise include flagellants like the ones in Pampanga.

Pugutan is likewise a highlight of celebrations. It is a play that shows the life of Longinus, whose blind eye was healed when blood dropped on it from Christ's side.


The Dagupan Bangus festival is understood to be among the top 3 festivals in the Philippines that is celebrated with vigour, interest and high-spirit. This celebration is commemorated every year in the country to rejoice the milkfish-bangus so it has a celebration of its own. The festivals begin by grilling thousands of bangus, which also ended up being a world record.

Joyful Emphasizes

The festival began in 2002 and has actually developed ever since to end up being a 2 week socio-economic series of occasions concentrating on Bangus.

The city won acknowledgment from Guinness Book of world records for the organization of longest barbecue in 2003.

As an intriguing part of the celebration, participants wear a bangus costume and cheer the crowd.


Commemorated as two separate celebrations in earlier times, the Pintados and Kasadyaan festivals have collaborated to become essential events in the Philippines. The Spanish individuals called the original individuals of Cebuano as Pintados as their bodies stayed heavily tattooed. Kasadyaan is the Visayan word for merrymaking. Much like few others the Pintados-Kasadyaan festival also commemorates the Santo Nino. The celebration sees a big influx of regional and international visitors to just concern marvel at the jovial event and admire the tattoos.

Festive Highlights.

Being the significant festival of the town it has actually also combined numerous celebrations of the towns of Leyte. These celebrations are the Buyogan Festival of Abuyog, Lingganay Festival of Alang-Alang etc.

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