Concrete Contractor Job: What Does It Involve?


Concrete is one of the most widely utilized construction material. It is it is used to construct walls roads, floors, and more. Concrete is the basis for the structures we live in, work, and play. If the foundation of a concrete structure isn't properly built from the beginning, it could be disastrous and quite costly.

Because of this importance that is why it is crucial for a concrete contractor to be able to build a solid foundation with good employees. The employees of a business will more likely invest in its progress and perform better at the job site If they are treated with respect. What might appear to be a significant expense becomes an investment into your company because good employees that perform better will win you more jobs.

What are the duties of a concrete contractor?

For any commercial construction project, the schedule is the gauge of the condition of the project. It is essential to allow ample time for site preparation, forming, placement, and finalization.

Site Prep

Commercial contractors may do their own site preparation that could involve digging and backfilling. All plants and stones are removed. The ground is then compacted, niveled, and graded to ensure that it will be able to withstand the load requirements of the structure over long periods of time and in extreme weather conditions. When the ground isn't properly prepared to allow for the settling of moisture or dirt, this can result in the concrete buckling and compromise structural integrity.


Concrete's beauty lies in it's ability to be poured into any shape the design specifies. This is achieved through formwork which creates the mold for the concrete placement and holds the concrete in place while the mixture is forming. Depending on how the concrete is used the forms could be temporary or permanent and can be set using metal, wood or even plastic. Prefabrication has enabled to make formwork more efficient, cheaper and less labor-intensive.


After all the preparation and site work It's time for the fun part the concrete mix will be placed into the form. The team will use shovels and rakes to move the concrete mixture through the forms.


Similar to preparation for the site Concrete must be compacted once it has been poured to prevent air pockets. Finishing can also include any ornamental elements, such as designs, dyes or stamped concrete.

Concrete Project Management Software: Its Applications

Since the various phases of a concrete job are interdependent, keeping track of the progress of the project over different phases is essential to ensure that crucial project milestones are achieved within the allocated timeframes. Software for managing concrete projects allows for a stamped concrete Vancouver WA, to make plans ahead, and prevent costly mistakes.

It is important that you be aware of the current status of the field crew at the jobsite. The foreman is required to submit daily reports with photos of the site, the materials and labor usage and any other pertinent details to record the progress of the project.

Concrete project management software that comes with an accompanying mobile application that helps field workers to keep the back office updated about activities on the job site. The mobile application allows field employees to get the most current plans as well as specifications and changes to orders using mobile access. This allows them to stay engaged and productive at the jobsite. If the foreman is able to access to the most current documents, he can access all the data he requires to direct his team to work.

A vastly different approach to a solution that is built on the needs of a general contractor the subcontractor-specific system is proactive in tracking the material and labor at every stage of the work. Monitoring the effectiveness of labor productivity provides valuable information to better estimate the future projects.

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