Core Discoveries - Before You Build Your Future Pathways

Life is like a race for competitive advantage that requires vision statement as well as mission statement, with several phase-based objectives. Pull over for a minute! Ever pondered on why humans exist in this world? Perhaps, there is a core purpose that requires unveiling. However, I believe each individual's mission defines his or her USP (Unique Selling Proposition). This uniqueness of purpose is a justification of the fact that our competitiveness in this pursuit is not against individuals but against core potentialities - our ultimate capability to solve the particular set of problems which we are genetically configured to resolve.

In my years of existence, I have seen potentialities dry up untapped, undiscovered and unused. Shame, isn't it? I once came across a quote by Myles Nepal Monroe that "the wealthiest place is the cemetery." This statement of fact did get my cognitive processing department working overtime, as I could not digest the truism and realism in the covert. What is your mission statement? What could be different because you showed up? What set of tools have you in your warehouse?

Every individual that has competed, competes and will compete in this race for optimal advantage must begin by adopting certain methodologies. The capital is not an issue because it's already been made available. The approach is the issue. Methodologies that must be adopted will be ones that incorporate an effective integration of tools for tackling the various phases within the project component. These tools must address key issues like strategic mindset shaping and alignment (for discovery and visualization), strategic process architecture (for design and development) as well as strategic deployment (for distribution and utilization). Other activities exist within the component though.

With respect to this text, let us explore core discoveries each individual must make before deciding on building the bridge to his or her desired 'future'.

Potentialities remain undiscovered, untapped and unutilized when the following discoveries are ignored:

>>Vertically-projected Discovery

The vertically-projected discovery is a discovery of location. In other words, locating your blueprint. The most fundamental discovery as well as decision humans are going to have to make in life is to discover his or her maker. We are all a product and each product has a blueprint. Every individual was made (created) by God. HE holds the manual to every creation of HIS. Essential is the manual, without which one can not discover one's mission. Corporate strategy begins with setting the vision and the mission right. Without the right vision and mission, you can not write the strategies.

To attain this, there is a need for every individual, regardless of religious belief, to explore the nature of his or her maker. There is a need to discover God in HIS true nature. The essence of this is that you are led to where your blueprint is located. He knows where it is and wants you to have it. He also knows that you require the blueprint, which contains your mission statement and the core phase-based objectives; then, the ball is set in motion for the second level discovery.

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