Crypto Presales: Don't Believe the Hype

Crypto presales offer the chance to buy new cryptocurrencies early, sometimes at a discount. But lots of these projects end up being worthless. We need better ways to figure out whether they're any good.

The Problem with How We Check Presales Now
  • Audits Are Not Enough: Sure, they confirm the code isn't a scam, but they don't say whether the project actually has value.
  • Identity Checks Don't Guarantee Success: Knowing who's behind the project doesn't mean they can actually make it work.
  • Too Much Trust in Safety Badges: These focus on stopping scams, not on evaluating if investors will make money off of the project.
Sneaky Tricks to Watch Out For
  • Bought Followers: Projects can fake popularity and excitement.
  • Own Money Pumping: Developers can invest in their own presale to draw in others.
What We Need Instead
  • Does this Even Solve a Problem? Is there a real need for this project?
  • Is the Community Real? Or is it just paid hype?
  • Who's Actually Investing? We need tools to verify if presale investments are genuine.
We Need Tech to Help

Advanced analysis programs could:
  • Tell Real Buzz from Fakes: Spot the difference between real support and paid marketing.
  • Look at the Market: See if a project has actual use and can compete long-term.
  • Track the Money: Use the blockchain to make sure presale investments aren't from the project itself.
The Point

Presales can be risky. We need to focus on the true potential of projects, not basic safety checks.  Better Crypto presales analysis tools like Tahr Protocol would make finding good crypto projects easier.

Let's Make Presales Better

If we demand more, everyone wins. Projects will have to be stronger, and investors have a safer way to find promising new cryptos.

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