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learn more about Dark Web operations, then you've come to the right place. Our courses teach the fundamentals of DarkBlue Intelligence Suite tools and methodologies. Learn about the DarkPursuit tool and the Bluestone Analytics analyst methodology. Get hands-on training with DarkBlue Intelligence Platform tools, and participate in workshops where you can work with real-world scenarios. Our trainings are designed to help you build a solid foundation of knowledge about the Dark Web.
Silo for Research browser

The Silo for Research browser is a secure, fully isolated platform for conducting a variety of investigative tasks on the dark web. It can access web-based resources to develop analyst tradecraft, as well as spans alternate regions, languages, and network protocols. Users are isolated from their real identities with the help of automated tools that capture and transform web content. Once captured, content is securely stored for further analysis.

The Silo for Safe Access browser provides an alternative to traditional internet browsers. It eliminates many of the common threats associated with web-based business applications and provides additional features for IT security professionals. Silo runs in an isolated and protected cloud session, which allows it to be easily monitored and secure. Because Silo does not allow web-based applications to access sensitive data, it protects sensitive information, while offering the user a full spectrum of features and security capabilities.

The Silo is easy to use. It allows you to access enriched content without requiring additional IT resources. It also eliminates the need for parallel infrastructure and security policy exceptions. Because it can integrate with existing systems, it is a perfect choice for enterprises looking for an integrated solution for their deep-web training. However, it is important to note that each customer's needs will differ. Some customers just want a simple enterprise search interface, while others want access to proprietary content and analytic technology training.

The Silo for Research browser has a variety of features, but the most important one is the ability to identify and block malicious links. The browser also helps you identify malicious web users and prevent them from accessing sensitive data. If you're interested in learning more about it, please contact Bruce Clay's Dark Web training center. You can also download a free copy of the article or request a custom quote for your dark web training.

You can begin dark web training with TOR by learning about its history and installation. You will also learn about its strengths and weaknesses, and get an idea of how to use onion addresses. By the end of the course, you will be able to compare the Dark Web to the Deep Web. In addition to learning about the Dark Web, you will gain an understanding of how phishing and other threats are being spread, and how you can stay safe while surfing the Internet.

When using the Tor browser, you will be completely anonymous while browsing the dark web. When using this browser, all of your requests are encrypted and routed through a series of computers that are called relays and guard nodes. This way, nobody can track what you are doing. When using Tor, you should close non-essential applications and services, and cover your webcam with a piece of paper. Keeping your system clean is crucial for maintaining your privacy and security on the Dark Web.

The Dark Web is an intimidating environment for any OSINT practitioner, and this course is designed to help you navigate this unique environment. By providing the right tools and strategies, you will be able to investigate Tor-based entities and resources legally. Furthermore, you will learn how to use surface web resources to monitor Dark Web targets. To take advantage of this course, you can either purchase it or sign up for an in-house course. Then, you can take the training right away.

The dark web is more complicated than the surface web, and it is full of malicious websites and phishing sites. Even experienced users should take extra precautions to stay safe. Learning the dark web requires thorough research, and a certified training provider will give you advice that will be useful. If you are not confident with your skills, you should stick to the surface web. You can always get more advanced training later. The only way to ensure your safety is to learn from a certified training provider.
Google search

Before diving into the dark web, you need to know how to navigate it safely. While big search engines can index and find websites on the surface, much of what is out there is not accessible. Private databases, academic journals, and other illicit content exist on the deep web. Databases are private, encrypted, and cannot be searched from other areas of the web. Intranets are internal networks of enterprises and organizations, where certain aspects of their operations are controlled.

The deep web is a huge network that is not easily accessible through traditional means. The deep web, which is 400-550 times bigger than the surface web, cannot be indexed by traditional search engines. Although the surface and deep web can be searched with a standard web browser, searching the deepest layer of the internet requires special software. Despite the name, the dark web is only a small portion of the deep web, which accounts for less than one percent of the total web. The deep web is also composed of a variety of closed networks that mask the identity of visitors.

Despite this, the deep web is a vast place full of information and content that can't be traced to a single user. Many observers believe that the World Wide Web is divided into two parts: the surface web, which contains indexed information, and the deep web, which is unindexed and inaccessible by Google search. A segment of the deep web, known as the dark web, contains information that can't be traced back to a single IP address.
Threat hunting

A dark web threat hunter is an expert in identifying threats that are not always visible. They use skills, accuracy, and covertness to detect and counter these threats. Data collection on the dark web is nonlinear and cyclical. Threats and malware capabilities, new tactics and technologies, and instructions for future attacks are all examples of intrusive intelligence. Web bots can help collect this data. Threat hunters must also know how to protect their own information and keep it secure.

The best threat hunters conduct a thorough investigation. They use a variety of solutions to determine the origin of the threat, and they combine both external and internal data sources. They search dark web marketplaces to determine the source of stolen data. After identifying the source of the threat, they can decide how to remediate it. Threat hunters must have a basic understanding of Linux command line (CLI) to perform the labs. They have three different options when creating lab virtual machines.

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