Dive into total stations - an ideal instrument to survey

What is a total station?

The total station is a modern digitally operated electrical surveying tool that is used for survey works and measurement purposes. The total station is an efficient and gainful tool to estimate points such as vertical or even & distances. The total station helps act as the best surveying machine to deliver accurate measurement of field data consisting of Electronic theodolite and electromagnetic distance measuring meter. The total station helps in empowering field development with special features and tools that are reliable and trustable. Reach out to a reliable Total Stations Supplier in UAE for getting the best total station.

What are the major components of the total station?

>Electronic theodolite
>Electronic distance meter (EDM)
>Electronic data collector & storage system
>Data collector

Different types of total stations:

Have a glance at the following mentioned total station types - useful in surveying-

a) Mechanical Total Stations

The mechanical total stations are accurate and reliable in making surveys fast and easy. These stations do not provide any remote control or automated features. The operation of this mechanical total station needs 2 people.

b) Robotic Total Stations

The robotic total station is an innovative station that permits remote operation. It means you will require only one operator who can do all calculations with inspections in very less time than the conventional one.

c) Prism Total Stations

Mechanical and robotic total stations both come under this prism model. This total station uses the prism for reflecting infrared waves and then it determines distances and angles by measuring the location of a prism.

d) Reflector

It can work efficiently in rough terrains and in areas where you can not reach by foot and don't need a prism.

What are the benefits of using total stations?

Here are the biggest benefits to get from total stations:

1) Offers Precise measurement

A total station is precise to even a fraction of the arcsecond and in measuring distance till hundredths of feet.

2) Has CAD interface

A total station without any stretch can easily download all review information to a computer helped drawing program (CAD).

3) Usage is easy

This tool is easy to use. It can efficiently measure horizontal estimations and distances at the same point in time.

4) Works speedily

Total stations collect information too fast. Any surveyor can get in/out of the field quickly.

5) It is convenient

It provides a convenient and fast setup. With the help of a total station, a surveyor can do work and take several surveys from a single station point.

6) Devoid of Manual Mistakes

The fieldwork can be done with ease and the manual mistakes related to the fieldwork can be stopped.

So now you know how vital a total station is to measure distance and perform surveys with ease and accuracy. Total station promises in offering flawless records and measurements. Make contemporary surveying effective with total stations. Contact one of the leading Total Stations Suppliers in UAE to get a high-quality total station.

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