Do You Have a Sleepy Feeling at Work?

Narcolepsy is a sleep disease that affects the sensory system of the body and leads people to sleep excessively, disrupting their daily life. This sensory system problem produces extreme exhaustion and lethargy, as well as a strong desire to sleep wherever you are.

It is a rare occurrence that occurs on a regular basis, and the vast majority of people are unaware that they have a sleep problem because their sleep may appear to be an indication of sluggishness.

Because it promotes wakefulness without being a stimulant, modafinil is an excellent treatment for narcolepsy's severe daytime drowsiness. It also lowers the chances of becoming addicted. If you have narcolepsy, oral medications like Modalert and Modalert 200 mg will improve your quality of life, but you will also need to adopt lifestyle changes. Waklert, a drug that contains armodafinil, is also available.

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