Do you know all the advantages of motorized curtains? The advantages of motorized curtains are revealed!

With the concept of smart home becoming more and more popular, people are now pursuing convenience, speed and practicality when buying household goods. The appearance of electric curtains has set off a sales boom in the market, and many people can't wait to install motorized curtains in their homes. It will perform much better than traditional curtains, so many families now choose to install motorized curtains. So what are the advantages of motorized curtains?


Compared with traditional curtains, the appearance of electric curtains is more beautiful, and Electric curtain track have the advantages of anti-static and colorfastness. More diversified in the choice of colors, such as mahogany wood grain, titanium white, pearl white and so on.


Fabric curtains have a variety of material choices, whether it is cotton, hemp, polyester or other common materials, can be installed on the Motorized Curtain Track, the overall effect is the same as the manual curtains.

Wide range of use

The use of motorized curtains in the living room, bedroom, etc., not only makes the owners experience life more convenient, and can pay more attention to the aesthetic appearance. The use of motorized curtains in conference rooms and villas with large window areas also looks high-end, and opening and closing saves human resources and material resources. Whether it is a floor-to-ceiling window or our general windows, can be installed, its ability to use a wide range.

Long service life

Electric curtains are made of more durable aluminum alloy guide rod, to ensure safety and stability, the use of metal wire made of mobile track, in the daily opening and closing process such as obstacles can be automatically stopped, play a better role in protection, and the use of pivot point cyclic rolling precision transmission technology, which greatly improves the service life of the motorized curtains and reliability, and can be achieved in more than 10 years of service life.

Super quiet

As the motorized curtains adopt automatic lubrication mute design, the motor has the characteristics of super mute, stable operation and strong power, which can ensure that the product runs smoothly and noiselessly, thus bringing beautiful mute effect.

Simple installation

The installation method of this utility model is very simple and easy to use, and the design of the motorized curtain is also very simple, it can be installed in the curtain box, ceiling or side wall.

Power failure operation

The motorized curtains break the traditional motorized track which can only be opened and closed electrically, so the motorized curtains can also operate normally in case of power failure. And it has many different opening and closing speeds, which can be selected for different occasions. In case of power failure, the system can be opened and closed manually.

Complete functions

Motorized curtains have many different functions such as intelligent electric remote control, power failure manual operation, group control, etc., which can fully meet the various social needs of people, and it is extremely convenient to use.

Easier for daily use

Fabric has the function of shading, shading and ordinary curtains are the same. And some curtains also have sound insulation, heat insulation and other functions. Electric fabric is more convenient to open and close curtains on these bases, and it will be easier to use!

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