Escape from Tarkov Flea Market Related to Lightkeeper

In the past period, Battlestate Games removed the flea market and several other merchants from Escape from Tarkov. Players lost access to many EFT items, and flea markets where players traded with other players have been canceled. This seems to be related to a new businessman named Lightkeeper.

Having scavs go out to find items in exchange for treasure/valuables has been changed to only bring rubles, in addition, players won't get anything in return for paying hard-earned scavs. This change was eventually confirmed Lightkeeper was extorting money from players. Players had to pay 1.5 trillion EFT Roubles until May 3, when merchants and flea markets returned to Escape from Tarkov.

Fence also stopped buying goods at higher prices as other traders returned. The letter from the website that tracks player donations has also been updated, showing traders thanking all players who managed to raise the funds needed for the ransom. It also tells the player that a Lightkeeper is a dangerous person and it is best not to get in his way, he is not happy. This suggests that EFT players have not done some business with Lightkeeper.


So far, no one knows his identity. Battlestate Games has been adding trailers for the lighthouse update, with the studio suggesting that electronic-themed traders will soon be entering the aforementioned lighthouse on the map of the same name. Lightkeeper may be added along with a wider update to the Lighthouse map. However, there's no word yet on when fans can expect the content to arrive.

Flea Market and Lightkeeper Reviews

For this event, in any case, there will always be some people who like it, and some people who hate it. There has been speculation that perhaps it was a pre-erasure event to try to stabilize the economy. Perhaps a test campaign to test whether players like these events in Escape from Tarkov. But since Battlestate Games has not made a statement on the matter, their motivation for executing the five-day trader kidnapping and flea market absence is unclear.

Now that Lightkeeper's reign is over, Battlestate Games has released an update on all the individuals who donated the most. By a faction, USEC funded 69% of donations for the entire campaign, while BEAR trailed with 31%.

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