Exactly How To Select An Ideal Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Resale Listing For You

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If you are considering purchasing the DVC resale agreement you may wonder which is the best option among the listings available. There are a few things you'll want to consider while selecting a listing and making an offer. These aspects will assist you to choose the best listing DVC resales for your family.

Select the Right Listing DVC resale


To some buyers, selecting the right Home Resort is their top priority when purchasing into DVC. Our resident broker and DVC expert also recommends that you make this the initial step in the purchase process. While the choice of your Home Resort won't determine where you'll stay each time you plan an DVC vacation but the choice of your Home Resort choice will have an effect on the final cost of your DVC ownership.

Number of Points

After Home Resort, the number of points on contracts is the next factor to consider when choosing the DVC Resale Contract. According to the advice, you'll need to be sure you are looking for a resale listing that offers enough points per year to allow you to take the trips that you and your family have been planning to take. Insufficient points could lead to frustration every year. There is always the possibility to buy more points in the future. But when you are looking through the resales listings, make sure to consider the number of points you'll require each year to cover your trips. Whether you choose additional info about DVC resales, check out this site.

Use year

It is likely that you have been familiar with the phrase "Use Year" in the event that you've been researching DVC ownership. In the context of DVC ownership, Use Year can be an important factor. The DVC Use Year will determine when your yearly allotment of points will become available. For instance the June Use Year is when your points are available on June 1st of every year, and will expire on May 31st of the next year.

Expiration Date

Each one of the 15 DVC Resorts comes with an expiration date. The date of expiration will determine the number of years you'll have to travel with DVC before your contract expires. Certain DVC Resorts offered extensions to the dates of their initial expiration. It is also possible to find extended contracts on the secondary market. To find out more about extended expiration dates be sure to look up the details of the resale listing. At, you can sell DVC.

Maintenance Fees

Like expiration dates, every DVC Resort has a unique set of maintenance fees. Every DVC contract owner is liable to pay maintenance dues every year. These fees are per point. Meaning, your yearly dues amount will be determined by the amount of points you have. While you're searching for your ideal resale list, make certain to think about what your maintenance costs will be each year.

DVC Resale Prices of Listings

Price is an important factor in selecting the perfect price DVC resale. All resale prices can be discussed, however it is important to consider the amount you're willing to spend.

Current Points and Extras

Similar to when buying the home you want, buying a DVC contract could also include several additional benefits. A seller might offer an appliance or a swing set to help sell their home. In a DVC contract, the seller could give you additional points. It is possible to find the contract with no points until the next year. This may be an additional benefit.

While each of these factors are crucial to take into consideration when deciding on the best DVC resales list for your needs but the order in which these factors are considered is entirely the decision of you and your family. Although there are different ideas and theories it is your decision what factors give you the DVC holidays you've always dreamed of for many years to come.

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