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Flat warts are not painful or itchy, do they need treatment?

Flat warts don't know if you have heard of it. They usually grow 疣病毒 on the surface of the skin, in shape and size, a bit like rice, and feel hard on the hands, and are flat pimples. Flat warts are mainly caused by human papilloma virus, but flat warts do not show other symptoms. There is no pain or itching, except for more severe flat warts, some patients may have itching.

Do flat warts need treatment?

It is necessary to treat flat warts because it means that the body is infected by a virus. If the infection is not treated, the number of flat warts will increase. This will be a great psychological burden for patients, and it will also have an impact on their appearance. Therefore, when suffering from flat warts, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a systematic physical examination, and then find the most suitable treatment method to kill the virus in the body as soon as possible.

So what method can eliminate flat warts?

1. Western medicine injection

When suffering from flat warts, we can remove flat warts by injecting drugs outside the body. Since the cause of flat warts is still a viral infection in the body, injection of drugs can effectively inhibit the spread of the virus, thereby eliminating the virus and treating flat warts. However, through injection of drugs, the treatment course will be longer, and patients may need to have sufficient psychological preparation.

2. External medication

There are many topical creams for flat warts in the development of Chinese medicine. Generally speaking, for students with mild flat warts, preliminary research can try to apply these creams. However, they remember that if during the management of the ointment application, skin problems appear to be itchy, they should not scratch them with their hands for a certain period of time to avoid scratching the skin and causing secondary infections. As for what kind of ointment should be used for flat warts, it must be used under the guidance of a doctor, and it should not be used as oneself and not blindly.

3. Use physical therapy

Now that medicine is very advanced, many skin hospitals generally use laser surgery to treat flat warts. In addition, freezing and electrocautery can be used. But this method is generally suitable for patients who find flat warts relatively early, because the number of flat warts is not high at this time, but after this type of surgery, it is important to remember not to touch the wound water, so as not to cause Infect.

4. Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment is mainly for patients with relatively large flat warts, because they have a lot of flat warts, which are difficult to control by the above methods. Therefore, you can choose the method of surgical implantation to make the body produce flat wart antibodies, so as to achieve the therapeutic effect.

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