Follow These Three Tips to Turn Off the Google Pixel 6

As you know, turning off a device is a necessary action that every phone user knows. While turning off a phone, the act might be simple with some devices; however, if you want to turn off a Google Pixel 6, you may experience some differences here.

But it is a bit tricky to turn off Google Pixel 6, and you can do it quickly after going through this post. So, without any further delay, let’s come to the point.


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There are some tips you can follow to turn off the Pixel 6 phone. What do you do to turn off smartphones? We can turn it off by pressing and holding a power/lock button for a few seconds. But if you follow the same way to turn off a Pixel 6, you will open Google Assistant only. So, you can’t power off your phone with the steps mentioned above. But it’s effortless to turn off Pixel 6; to do so, swipe down twice from the screen top, and you will see quick setting options. Alternately, with two fingers, you need to swipe down only once to get the quick setting menu that includes four basic options: Emergency, Lockdown, Power off, and Restart. Thankfully, both ways are pretty simple that make the Pixel 6 turn off unique.

Furthermore, Google has also provided two more options to power off your phone. Here you need to hold & press both the power and volume up buttons to power off the phone. When you hold and press the controls mentioned above, you get the same quick setting options along with the ‘power off’ option. Next, to turn off, click on power off, and you have turned off your phone.

The two-ways mentioned above turn off the phone quickly. To make it more convenient, Google has studded Pixel 6 with one more method you can consider to power off your phone. Here are the steps to follow:

Open the Setting apps

Scroll down to the bottom

Tap ‘System’ and again tap ‘Gestures

scroll down again

Press and hold the power button

Further, tap the toggle next to ‘Hold for Assistant,’ and it gets disabled.

Finally, pressing and holding the power button will show the power menu the same as other smartphones.

We hope you understand all the three methods mentioned above to power off your phone. Thankfully, it becomes easier with Pixel 6 to turn off the phone in its three ways. The first two methods are pretty simple to give them a try.

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