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Future development trend of BMS portable lithium battery City

Intelligence will become one of the important features of portable lithium battery BMS. Remote monitoring, fault diagnosis and prediction, energy management, security protection, etc. 18650 pack builder Are inseparable from the need for intelligence. The data requirements brought about by intelligence, that is, the collection of battery voltage, battery current, battery temperature, and remaining battery capacity of lithium batteries will also become more important. This trend will gradually transition lithium battery BMS from a hardware protection scheme to a front-end acquisition scheme. Zhongying Electronics Zhang Sheng mentioned that Zhongying Electronics has a complete lithium battery hardware protection products and front-end acquisition products, which can provide a suitable implementation plan for portable lithium battery BMS. Perfect and strict process to ensure the quality of the film products, redundant design to ensure the reliability of the product, strong anti-interference design to ensure the safety of the product.

Portable lithium BMS requires a higher level of safety and reliability. battery manufacturing machine Under the development and change of the production and living environment of different enterprises, the characteristics of the single lithium battery produced will have an impact on the difference, so we need to have a precision lithium battery for detection and screening analysis instruments to become the first gatehouse. In the high-series lithium battery as a product, in order for students to be able to maintain the consistency of a battery power, the balance control circuit on the BMS board can be compensated, so that it can become the second gatekeeper in the world, and no longer cause the danger of overcharging and overdischarging due to the differentiation of the battery. Shengquan Technology will launch a battery system management IC next year, the battery status monitoring and protection network hardware, and then with the main control MCU unique algorithm, hardware and firmware to achieve dual cultural protection, to ensure the safety of China's lithium batteries, increase the reliability of the company's products.

In addition, with the rapid development of smart home, mobile power, power tools and other fields, the market demand for portable lithium-ion battery management systems will also change. li ion battery construction Future market trends, portable lithium BMS technology will continue to upgrade to improve product performance, safety and reliability.

What are the technical difficulties of portable lithium battery BMS?

Although portable lithium-ion batteries have been widely used in many fields, there are still many technical problems, the need to balance cost, performance and reliability, continuous innovation to improve the technical level, effectively break through the technical bottleneck, and improve the overall competitiveness of portable lithium battery products.

First of all, safety issues are the key issues that portable lithium battery BMS need to pay attention to, such as battery overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit and so on. Overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, temperature protection, battery equalization and other technical means are usually used to improve safety performance.

Secondly, portable lithium BMS requires us to have a high energy density to improve the battery pack endurance and use different times, but at present, there are still some information technology development bottlenecks in terms of energy density. In these two aspects, the use of silicon based negative electrode, lithium sulfur battery, solid state battery and other new building materials and new industrial structure system design, is a preferable option to improve their own energy density.

Third, portable lithium battery pack BMS requires precise control and management to ensure the performance and safety of the battery pack. However, in order to improve the control accuracy, more accurate sensors and control algorithms can be used, such as model pre-estimation control and adaptive control.

In addition, portable lithium battery BMS need to reduce the cost as much as possible and continuously improve the competitiveness of the product. The adoption of more efficient production technologies and material choices, such as automated production lines and new materials, can significantly reduce production costs.

Finally, battery life cannot be ignored. In the field of Shengquan technology research, its microcontroller has always been based on industry, and has been imported to base station BMS products in East China, and the quality of Shengquan is also quite recognized by customers. Shengquan Technology product planning and Marketing Department project director Wang Junwei said that the hardware on the BMS board will have parts, PCB layout errors can be corrected, so the key is still on the firmware algorithm. For example, the single chip computer calculates that the battery has been fully charged 100%, but the actual measured power is only 98%, accurate algorithms can make the battery power effectively play, improve and extend the service life of the product.

By the end of this year, Shengquan Technology will launch a battery meter product. The unique MSE (Mega Win Smooth Energy) calculation method has smooth power calculation on the product power, and will not make the product suddenly run out of power, effectively extending the service life of the product.

Portable lithium BMS market economic development trends

The future development trend of portable lithium battery BMS market is intelligence, high precision, high performance, high safety and multi-function. With the rapid development and increasing demand for electric vehicles, smart homes and mobile power supplies, BMS, as a key component of electric vehicles, needs to have higher performance and reliability to meet the needs of different regions and different users. In terms of intelligence, portable lithium battery BMS has stronger adaptability and intelligence, and can be adjusted and optimized according to different use scenarios and needs to improve the efficiency and reliability of the product.

With the rapid development of electric vehicles, smart homes, mobile power and other fields, portable lithium battery BMS need to have higher performance and safety to meet the needs of different fields and customers. At the same time, BMS also needs to have higher precision and accuracy, and can monitor and control the state of the battery through electrochemical calculation and prediction algorithms to improve the safety and performance of the battery pack. In addition, the future BMS will also have more functions, such as fault diagnosis, remote monitoring, data analysis, and so on. To meet the needs of different fields and customers.

As mentioned above, portable lithium-ion battery management systems are a core component of mobile power supplies, power tools, electric vehicles, smart homes, drones, and medical devices, and their future market is very broad. With the development of new technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, portable lithium BMS will be more and more applied and developed in intelligent transportation, smart grid, intelligent manufacturing and other fields.

Finally, with the continuous improvement of environmental awareness and the rapid development of the new energy industry, portable lithium battery BMS will also play a more important role in environmental protection, energy saving and other fields.


In the future, with the continuous efforts of the society to improve the demand for portability and security, portable lithium BMS will become more intelligent, efficient and safe. With the rapid economic development of electric vehicles, smart homes and other fields, portable lithium BMS will also be more widely used and promoted. At the same time, the portable lithium BMS market will also face a more intense competition and challenges, such as information technology management innovation, product service quality, price competitiveness and so on. Therefore, the portable lithium BMS corporate culture requires us to continue to learn to improve the technical level and work performance of our products, strengthen our brand image construction and marketing promotion, and open up new application research fields and markets in order to maintain the competitive environment advantage and market player position.

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