Hibiki Japanese Whiskey: A Symphony of Flavors

Hibiki Japanese Whiskey: A Symphony of Flavors

Hibiki Japanese Whiskey is a blend of the finest malt and grain whiskies. It’s been crafted by Hibiki’s master blender, who has worked for more than 70 years to create this masterpiece. The result is an exceptional whiskey that captures the essence of Japan through its rich flavor profile and harmony of aromas.

Hibiki Japanese Whiskey is composed of six different malt whiskeys: Yamazaki, Hakushu (“white pine”), Chita (“red pine”), Miyagikyo (“honesty”) and Taketsuru (named after Masataka Taketsuru). It also contains two grain whiskies: Kurayoshi “brown” rice whisky, which provides body and texture; and Coffey grain whisky made with corn grits left over from making bourbon or Tennessee whiskey distillates at MGP (formerly LDI) in Lawrenceburg Indiana USA
Hibiki Japanese Whiskies are classically crafted using the finest ingredients.

Hibiki Japanese Whiskies are not only carefully crafted, but also classically made using the finest ingredients. Each bottle contains malt and grain whiskies that have been aged in oak casks. The blended whisky is then aged for a minimum of three years before bottling, creating an elegant sipping experience with notes of vanilla, coconut and honey.
The Hibiki Japanese Whisky Story

Hibiki Japanese Whisky is a blend of the finest malts and grain whiskies, which are handcrafted in the traditional manner. It’s made by Nikka, a Japanese distillery established in 1934 by Masataka Taketsuru (who also founded Suntory). The name “Hibiki” means “harmony” or “resonance,” and it certainly lives up to its name–the flavor profile of this whisky is complex and wonderful!

You may have tasted Hibiki before if you’re an experienced drinker; it used to be called “Hibiki Harmony.” It was first introduced in 1994 at the New York Wine & Food Festival as part of an effort by Suntory’s president at the time, Shinji Fukuyo (also known as Mr. Whisky), who wanted people outside Japan to learn more about his country’s spirits culture.

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