Holdem Tactics - 3 Tips On Finding Good Tactics To Win

There are one and a million different Holdem tactics that you can utilize to win at Holdem. There are also a lot that will lose you money too. So how do you find good Holdem tactics that win?

There is a special certain way you can do this, which I am about to give you advice on. Follow these tips the next time you are searching for new Holdem tactics.

Holdem Tactics - #1 Tip On Finding Good Tactics

The first thing you need to be doing when searching for good Holdem tactics is to find a large amount of different tactics and record them all. You don't have to literally write everything down but just take some notes.

After you have found a few you will have a bunch of options you can take. Look at all your notes and figure out the similarities and differences between them all. Think about which ones you think have more merit based on pure theory.

Holdem Tactics - #2 Tip On Finding Good Tactics

The second thing to do is now either find proof that these tactics work - like maybe a blog or story of someone who used them - or to go out and test them yourself.

Personally, I prefer to test them myself. It doesn't have to be that expensive. If you just online and play some 25c Sit N Go's or some 1c/2c cash games you can test out the tactics and see if they work.

Even though the players in these areas are very new and not exactly the best subjects to test, they are better than nothing. Plus you don't want to waste $100 testing a tactic that doesn't work.

Holdem Tactics - #3 Tip On Finding Good Tactics

Now, after you have figured out which ones actually work, or work to a degree, it's time to think about which ones you like. Which ones did you enjoy playing when you tested? Which ones do you like the idea of? Do you like aggression, or the style of play, or the cards, or how much action you get?

All of these things are important to think about because if you are going to be successful you need to continually stick to the rules of the Holdem tactics you have found. If they don't sit right with you you will have difficulty sticking to them.

You are probably realizing how useful this information will be to you in trying to find good Holdem tactics that work well for you. You also probably aware that you'll need to go out and do a little research and learn some stuff in order to completely find the right strategy for you - that makes money. So please continue to go out and educate yourself on poker, because the players that continually learn and educate themselves are the ones that make the money and become really successful.

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