How many cell phone signal blockers are needed to completely block the signal of a 200 square meter conference room

The area of ​​the conference room is 200 square meters, and the length and width are 20 meters * 10 meters. Some customers ask how many mobile phone jammers need to be equipped in such a conference room, and what is the approximate price of the mobile phone signal jammer? Will it be over budget?

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The conference room space of 200 square meters is not too big or too small. According to the coverage radius of the mobile phone signal blocker of the commonly used low-power models, it will be difficult to completely block the mobile phone signal by using only one. reluctantly. The reason is: the cheap low-power models of mobile phone signal jammers basically use omnidirectional antennas, and in the actual installation process of the conference room, the mobile phone signal jammer cannot be installed in the center of the venue, but installed At both ends or both sides of the venue. Then, a considerable part of the distance that shields the mobile phone signal will be blocked by the wall and can only be wasted. If you consider the influence of the distance of the base station around the conference room or if there are indoor signal amplifiers installed in the building, the number of mobile phone signal jammers required is generally recommended to be 2-4 units. They are installed at the front and rear ends of the venue respectively or symmetrically on both sides of the venue, which basically ensures that the shielded mobile phone signal can completely cover the space of 200 square meters. The price of 2-4 mobile phone signal shielding is about several thousand yuan. It is not necessary to replace the high-power mobile phone signal shielding device, because the price of high-power mobile phone signal shielding device can easily exceed ten thousand or even tens of thousands of yuan.

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