How many times a month is it normal for a "husband and wife to live together"?

The more sex you have, the happier you are?

Many men like to judge themselves by their married life hands free vibrators, judge their heroes by frequency, and even think that couples are happier, is this true?

In response to this situation hands free vibrators, American scholars have summed up a formula on the influence of age on the ability of couples:

frequency = first digit of age × 9

The meaning of this calculation formula is that the first digit of age and development is multiplied by 9, and the tens digit of the obtained data result represents the learning time, and the single digit cannot represent the number of times of use hands free vibrators. For example, the frequency analysis result of a 20-year-old is 18, that is, eight times in ten days; the frequency research result of a 30-year-old is 27, that is, seven times in twenty days; the frequency survey result of a 40-year-old is 36, that is, six times in thirty days , and so on.

However, it is worth noting that this formula is for reference only, and whether it is appropriate depends on the feelings of both parties.

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University disagree with the view that "the more sex you have, the happier you will be."

A 2015 Carnegie Mellon University study on the relationship between frequency and well-being found that frequency over mutual recognition leads to decreased neediness and lower levels of well-being hands free vibrators. That is, artificially increasing the frequency does not actually increase happiness.

This question was also investigated by a postdoctoral fellow in gender relations at Dalhousie University in Canada. He believes that the number of times depends on the tacit understanding and the naturally occurring needs of both men and women. If the number is emphasized blindly, not only will it not bring happiness, but it will cause physical and psychological discomfort.

The true sense of happiness mainly comes from the real life emotions and needs of both sides of the enterprise hands free vibrators, and the deliberate pursuit of the number of jobs is not worth the loss.

4 "cold knowledge" about sex life

Want to lose weight through sex?

There are reports on the Internet that couple life is an exercise that consumes calories, and the effect is no different from jogging for three kilometers hands free vibrators. But in fact, the energy consumed by the couple is only about 550 calories, and it is actually impossible to achieve weight loss. Be aware that blindly increasing the frequency may cause other problems.

Trivia 2: After smoking, happy like a god?

Many men are used to smoking afterwards, and there is even a saying that "a cigarette afterwards will make you happy like a fairy", which is actually wrong. After that, the blood flow speed of men will be accelerated, and the harmful substances in tobacco will be absorbed faster, especially nicotine, which is easy to stimulate the brain center and make the smooth muscle of the cavernous body contract rapidly, eventually affecting the normal function.

Fact 3: The first time will definitely cause bleeding?

Many people think that women bleed for the first time. In fact, whether a woman bleeds for the first time is related to the hymen, but each woman's hymen is different in size, shape and number of holes. Even for the first time, many people don't necessarily bleed.

Fact 4: Can I have sex after drinking?

TV shows often have "drunk sex" drama, but it's fiction.

When drunk, people's consciousness is misty, blood vessels dilate, smooth muscles relax, and even the little brother is paralyzed. How can this situation be messed up? So stop believing in drunken sex, it's just an excuse.

After the age of 40, what should men pay attention to in their sexual life?

After the age of 40, a man's energy will be much less than before, especially when facing the pillow. Men can also feel uneasy and distressed when they think their "manhood" is gone. Do not be afraid. Here are three ways to help you.

enough sleep

Having a good and sufficient sleep can help men improve their abilities, the reactions of various systems of the human body will become more sensitive, and the organs will respond more "positively" after receiving stimulation.

positive attitude

Many men will be distressed by the decline of learning ability, and they even feel that we are old, so they can have depression. In fact, there is no need to! Male teachers should establish an optimistic belief, actively eliminate students' own bad emotions, know how to talk to their partners, and talk about each other's feelings, which is good for promoting the development of healthy sex life education.

Quit smoking and drinking

Smoking and alcohol can easily numb the central nervous system of the brain, make people less responsive to external stimuli, and cause dysfunction such as premature ejaculation and impotence. If a man wants to regain his glory after the age of 40, he should quit smoking and drinking.

Living together as a husband and wife is an extremely intimate matter, which requires both parties to coordinate and cooperate with each other and have a tacit understanding. Happiness does not depend on frequency, but on feelings and needs. Here we also want to emphasize that the low number of times is not a big problem, especially for men, there is no need to feel inferior because of it. If it has a greater impact on life, the best way to learn is to pass the examination and treatment in time.

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