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How Physiotherapist and Osteopaths Help In Pregnancy and Child Birth

Motherhood is one of the most fulfilling experiences in the world. But the road towards becoming a mom isn’t exactly a smooth one. Pregnancy, in particular, entails significant changes in the body. To better manage pain and musculoskeletal changes, pregnant women need to get help from physiotherapy and osteopathy Medway experts.

But how do physiotherapists and osteopaths exactly help expecting mothers with their pregnancy and childbirth? Read on to find out.

The Role Of Physiotherapists In Pregnancy

Physical therapy or physiotherapy Medway helps patients improve their mobility and functionality. Physiotherapists commonly help those who were involved in a road accident, have undergone surgery, have constantly been experiencing back pain, and — as stated — those how are expecting a child. Here are ways they help women in their pregnancy:

They can ease lower back pain. According to scientists, 20 to 50% of pregnant women suffer from lower back and pelvic girdle pain. These make it more difficult for them to do daily tasks and have a good night’s sleep. Physical therapists offer massage techniques to reduce this pain and teach stabilisation exercises to ease muscle tension, especially around the spine.

They help minimise urinary incontinence. Because of the changes in the female body’s pelvic floor muscles, many expecting moms experience urinary incontinence. To better control the bladder, physiotherapists can strengthen the said muscles. Those who see a physiotherapist have an 80% success rate in terms of minimising incontinence.

They make delivery easier. With the body becoming less active during pregnancy, many women encounter difficulty when giving birth. With the help of an expert in physiotherapy Medway, pregnant women can perform strength and flexibility exercises. This increases their likelihood of having easier childbirth.

How Osteopaths Help An Expecting Mom

Addressing musculoskeletal concerns, osteopathic techniques are generally aimed at restoring normal joint functions, relaxing muscles, and improving blood flow.

Pregnant women benefit from osteopathy Medway through the following ways:

They support the healthy physical adaption of changes in the female body. As stated, the female body dramatically changes to give way to the growth of a baby inside the uterus. Osteopaths can provide treatment (e.g., soft-tissue massage, stretching) to help expecting moms establish flexibility and balance in their bodies.

They help in attaining the optimal positioning of the baby in the uterus. Once a woman’s body properly adapts to the changes caused by pregnancy, she can notice an enhancement in her balance while doing different chores. With this improvement in balance, it’s more likely for her baby to achieve the optimal position inside the uterus.

They can restore and maintain pelvic alignment after childbirth. Osteopaths can help moms even postnatally. Through different body-based therapies, women can restore and maintain pelvic alignment. Throughout the process, they can also address muscle aches and fatigue caused by extensive labour.

Both physiotherapists and osteopaths offer safe ways to make moms experience pregnancy more comfortably. With techniques that are gentle for both the mother and the baby, these professionals provide that much-needed help to make the earliest phase of motherhood more manageable and convenient.

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