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Authentication Market, Product Types and Application by Regions Trends Report Growth by Top Key Players | IBM, Symantec, ), CA Technologies

Posted by pranali u on January 21, 2022 at 7:31am 0 Comments

Market Scenario:

The Authentication Market is garnering rapid traction worldwide. Market growth attributes to rising data security concerns in enterprises, government organizations, and individuals. Besides, the rise in the development of new viruses and implementations of advanced authentication solutions to give convenient and secure access to information drives the growth of the market.

Advances in authentication techniques such as OTP (one-time-password) authentication,…


Heterogeneous Network Industry, Product Types and Application by Regions Trends a Rapid Boost in Economy due to High Emerging Demands by Forecast to 2027

Posted by pranali u on January 21, 2022 at 7:30am 0 Comments

Heterogeneous Network Industry Highlights:

The global Heterogeneous Network Industry comprises of some of the key players and other vendors such as Airhop Communications Inc (U.S.), Nokia Networks (Finland), Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd (South Korea), Texas Instruments Inc (U.S.) among others. The market is covered by many prominent leaders who constantly keep innovating and investing in research and development to provide a cost effective portfolio.

A heterogeneous network is…


Workforce Analytics Market Growth, Product Types and Application by Regions Trends, Explosive Growth Size rate by Research Trend

Posted by pranali u on January 21, 2022 at 7:30am 0 Comments

Market Synopsis:

The development of the work culture has led to the need to improve the handling of human resources, which is estimated to enhance the Workforce Analytics Market Growth share in the impending period. The development of diversity in the way workforce function is estimated further to improve the growth of the Workforce Analytics Market Growth.

The need to optimize the human capital of firms is boosting the Workforce Analytics Market Growth 2020. The ICT industry…


인터넷에서 프리랜서 외주에 대한 멋진 인포 그래픽 20개

Posted by Carrera Korn on January 21, 2022 at 7:30am 0 Comments

마이아트뮤지엄은 국가적인 일러스트레이터 ‘맥스 달튼’의 우리나라 첫 단독전인 '맥스 달튼, 영화의 순간들' 전시회에서 대한민국 영화 ‘기생충’의 포스터 일러스트를 최초로 공개한다고 30일 밝혔다.

웨스 앤더슨 감독의 영화 '그랜드 부다페스트 오피스텔' 오리지널 일러스트 작가로 알려진 ‘맥스 달튼’은 요번 전시에서 마이아트뮤지엄 커미션 신작으로 영화 ‘기생충’의 포스터 일러스트를 선나타냈다.

‘맥스 달튼’은 부에노스아이레스 출신의 그래픽 디자이너이자 일러스트레이터로 영화나 음악 등 대중문화에서 영감을 받아 본인만의 스타일로 재분석하며 독창적인 일러스트로 인상적인 근무를 이어온 작가이다. 그는 웨스 앤더슨 감독의 영화들 외에도 '스타워즈', '메트로폴리스' 등 SF영화와 80-20년대 장르 영화들을 모티프로 하여 섬세하고 정교한 구조 속에 녹여냈다.

이번 전시를 위해 특히 제작한 봉준호 감독의 영화 '기생충'에 영감을 받은 신작 그런가하면…


How Some Of The Top Brands Are Using Instagram To Boost Their Online Marketing Strategies

Over the past few years, an application called Instagram has really taken hold of the public - the team behind the popular photo-sharing app recently announced that they have more than 80 million users currently signed up to their service. As a part of this announcement, the team also released statistics that suggest 40% of these users (so, around 32,000,000 users) are actually accounts held on behalf of some of the top brands in the world, including MTV and Starbucks. So, how are these brands using Instagram to boost their online marketing strategies?

Basically, Instagram is a mobile-only application (once reserved for iPhone owners, but now also available to Android users) that allows account-holders to take photos of things they like, edit them and upload them to a profile that is visible to their followers. Account-holders can also follow other people's accounts, liking photos that appeal to them and sharing them on through other social networking channels, like Facebook and Twitter. Whilst many may think that the app doesn't have 인스타 팔로워 늘리기 much online marketing value, the top brands of the world have proven otherwise.

Looking at Instagram's statistics, it becomes clear that luxury brands tend to be the most followed by consumers. Brands like Burberry, Tiffany & Co, Armani, Mercedes Benz and Gucci all feature in the top 10 list for the highest amount of followers. These brands were quick to spot a new way in which they could engage consumers through an online marketing campaign that really doesn't feel like one - all they have to do is upload some attractive images of their latest products or lines and let the power of the internet do the rest.

Some brands have really embraced the purpose of Instagram and aren't using the application to promote their latest products and online marketing propaganda at all. Instead, they upload highly attractive (and highly edited) images of their products, taken by professional photographers and fans alike. Whilst the products in some of these images could be a few years old and no longer available brand new, the effect of getting the brand name out there is still the same. This is how Instagram is meant to be used, and followers are quick to recognize this.

With only 40% of the world's top brands using Instagram to give their online marketing strategies an extra boost, there is a huge opening for some of the more niche brands to get their foot in the door. At the end of the day, it isn't all about the amount of followers you have - the amount of interaction between your followers and images is equally important. Even a brand with a considerably low number of followers (say, a few thousand) could still perform well if user interaction is quite high.

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