How Technology Is Fostering HR Transformation In The 21st Century?

As we like to call it, Human Resources or HR lies at the core of most modern-day business operations. Whether it be hiring the right workforce, managing them, or assessing them based on various aspects, HR plays an instrumental role in an organization's smooth growth and functioning. However, with the spiritual shift towards digital technologies, HR transformation has become the need of the hour. Moreover, the pandemic has further accelerated this need.
With a lot of people working from home, the smooth circulation of information has become more critical than ever. Going by the definition, HR transformation refers to changing HR processes to become more advanced, and automated, and hence, more transparent. However, doing this phenomenon is not as easy as it sounds, and here comes the technology transformation in the picture.
As the name suggests, technology transformation refers to employing software and other sorts of technology to serve various functions of Human Resources such as hiring, payroll, employee engagement, training, etc. So here is a list of the top technology trends in HR transformation in 2021.
• Better hiring and training with AI
AI today is serving many purposes in many places, and HR hasn't remained unaffected by it. Smart integration of AI-enabled programs has been proved beneficial in various HR operations. With AI, HR teams can speed up the hiring process by employing multiple filters and criteria to help shortlist the right set of candidates. Furthermore, AI can also help recruits get trained better and faster with the help of augmented reality and virtual reality.
• Better evaluation of employee performance
Evaluating an employee's performance is one of the most crucial tasks of the HR department. However, these evaluations are often based on preset standards, which may not be apt for all employees. Thankfully, technology transformation can make this process a whole lot effective and efficient. Technology helps organizations gather and break down data about employees' performance better and help provide a better picture about which employee is best suited for which job.
• Better data storage and security
Storing employee data securely has been a complicated procedure for the longest time now. However, with the integration of technologies such as cloud storage and employee management software, it is no more a hassle. These employee self-service software help employees manage, access, and update their data more efficiently and securely.
These are some of the horsemen of technology transformation in HR operations. However, they can be referred to as the very first steps of HR transformation. Technologies such as automation, AI, cloud services, data analysis, etc., make way for an ecosystem that thrives on a better and smarter flow of information. They also help the HR professionals focus on more strategic issues

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