Often, helping a novice find his first car, “professional” pickers disregard the needs of the future owner. Some are looking at the price, others are trying to check the condition of the car, if it is already used. The article will tell you how to choose a car for yourself, focusing, among other things, on your idea of ​​the perfect car. Together we will understand the differences in bodies, find out what engines are, what is the advantage of all-wheel drive and why is the "robot" so called.

Choose a body type
Typically, these cars have four doors, always two rows of seats and a separate trunk with a horizontally located lid. Cars in this body are equally well suited for short city trips and bold long-distance travel with luggage of the most needed. The catalog of cars with a body type "sedan" is presented here . Hatchback Imagine a sedan with a large vertical trunk lid instead of horizontal. The cargo compartment of a similar car is combined with the passenger compartment and often more than that of a sedan. It’s convenient to load bulk items in such a car. Choosing a hatchback as the first car can be recommended to all those who need to have not only a cabin for five people, but also a sufficient supply of space for a bulky, often oversized cargo.
Choose a hatchback in the online catalog. Station wagon This is a special body shape with a spacious interior and a large luggage compartment. The trunk lid here is like a hatchback, large and vertically located. In the station wagon, there is especially a lot of space above the head of the back row passengers - a descending roof does not press on them like on a sedan or hatchback. A new car in this design is a good choice for practical people who do not limit themselves to domestic conventions. To choose such a car for yourself means to free yourself from the difficulties of choice when there is not enough space for passengers, or you can’t bring along a couple more bulk bags. You can choose a suitable station wagon on our website in the appropriate section . Minivan

A large station wagon with a spacious interior and a "captain", a high-rise driver, from where you can clearly see the road. Most models have a third row of seats. It is more often removable or can fold, increasing the volume of the luggage compartment. Due to the spaciousness and ease of placement, this car is usually chosen for a large family, or as a corporate transport. A complete list of minivans presented on the site is available here.

An off-road vehicle is chosen for its ability outside the asphalt. All kinds of mechanical and electronic assistants, as well as all-wheel drive, help the “station wagon with high ground clearance” get out of the mud captivity, defeat snow drifts or overcome the ford of water. This type of body should be bought for those who want to have in stock the opportunity to drive off a good road and trust the direction. Key differences: large clearance, high landing, and, as a rule, large dimensions. Go to the choice of SUV .

One of the most popular body types today. Usually this is a hatchback form with high ground clearance, an “off-road” body kit and the ability to drive off the asphalt. The car can move on roads with improved surface and even climb into light off-road. The new car in this body is a modern city dweller, responding to the needs of most families: to take away more, arrange with the conveniences of people in the cabin, and without loss to overcome the curb or the softened track of the suburbs. Sometimes crossovers are equipped with plug-in, less often - permanent all-wheel drive, and electronic assistants, allowing you to not save the road difficulties. Offers for the sale of crossovers are available on our website here.

The combination of an SUV and a truck. Instead of the luggage compartment, a full-fledged body is designed for the transportation of bulky goods. At the same time, the passenger cabin is equipped with one or two rows of seats. The main disadvantages lie in high fuel consumption and impressive dimensions. You can choose the best offer for pickups here . Coupe Today, the “coupe” class is more of an advertising move designed to attract attention. Previously, this word meant a two-seater, compact car body with a pair of doors and minimal comfort given to the sporting component. Now in this title are increasingly luxurious, powerful sedans with a spacious interior. You can choose a suitable car type "coupe" in our catalog.

Convertible and roadster
These body types feature a folding top. The second version provides only one row of seats. Convertibles, like coupes, can be additionally equipped with compact seats in the back of the main row.

Choose a gearbox
If you wondered how to choose a car, be sure to pay attention to the gearbox. Each of the available types is the best option for a specific situation.

Cutaway gearbox
Mechanical "Ageless classics." You have to work with the gear lever and clutch pedal. When the desired engine speed is reached, squeeze the clutch and shift gear. A difficult option for those who are not used to keeping in mind a lot of actions at once. Although usually, this type of gearbox is familiar to everyone who begins to learn driving. For some, such an acquaintance is too tedious and they choose an automatic transmission. Go to the choice of a car with a manual transmission.

Automatic. In this case, gear changes occur without driver intervention. The clutch pedal is replaced by the so-called torque converter. It redistributes power (torque) from the engine to the box. Each automatic transmission has an electronic control unit. The task of automation is to choose the right gear correctly by switching it with the help of a torque converter. Such a transmission is ideal for beginners: you quickly get used to it, it does not distract from the road. This is especially important when the driver has a short driving experience and he needs to concentrate on the situation around. The cost of repair work is the main minus: repairing it is more expensive than “mechanics”. Typically, automatic machines consume more fuel, although more and more modern automatic transmissions are economical. A wide range of cars with automatic transmission is presented on our websitein this section.

Robotic. It is a symbiosis of mechanical and automatic transmission. It’s identical in performance to the machine - it performs all the switching itself. It got its name from the image of the robot: in fact, it is mechanics, supplemented by an electronic unit. Automation itself squeezes the clutch and shifts gears. There are two clutch robots (e.g. DSGVolkswagen and Ford PowerShift). They are called "preselective." At the time of gear shifting, the box prepares the next one and when it is needed, it immediately turns it on, again preparing the transfer “in reserve”. Power loss in this case is minimal. For ordinary “robots”, at the moment of gear change, a power failure appears, the box is constantly “thinking”, the movement is “torn”. Two-clutch robots deliver fast and even acceleration without jerking. An important advantage of a robotic gearbox is its ability to save fuel. Around boxes with two clutches there are many myths about their unreliability and high cost of repair. In fact, repairing them is cheaper than returning to life the “classic” torque converter automatic transmission, and the design of the box itself has changed significantly and now its reliability is similar to other types of transmission.

Variable speed drive. This is a box without steps in their classical sense - they are virtual here. The magnitude of the torque from the engine to the wheels is regulated by the diameter of the two pulleys connected by a belt - the main participants in the work of this gearbox. The variator helps to save fuel, and differs in smooth acceleration without a hint of jerks that technically cannot appear on this box. Among the disadvantages are expensive repairs and maintenance (belt change, transmission fluid replacement).

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Comment by Donald on May 21, 2020 at 4:23am

this article was very informative, thank you for it. By the way, I'm going to buy my first car, can you recommend me something not really expensive? Thanks in advance.

Comment by Jake on May 21, 2020 at 5:27am

I'm not sure about the prices but you can search for more information about hatchback cars there because they are quite good. You can choose the best between an all-wheel-drive, hybrid, 4-door hatchback or 2-door hatchbacks as well. Don't waste your time and go there to learn more about them. Hope I helped you.


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