It can be extremely frustrating when you need to print something important and an error code appears. One of the most terrifying errors of a Canon printer is the B200, which may indicate a potentially catastrophic error in the gadget.

However, don't go litter immediately; printers are expensive and there are several methods to fix the error before buying a new printer.

Causes of Canon B200 Error?

At the simplest level, a canon b200 error indicates a faulty printhead. The print head is the part that actually distributes the ink in the paper cartridges, which means that it is one of the most important parts of the whole printer. Printheads are notoriously problematic, especially for cheaper gadgets, which is why the B200 error means that there is a problem with the printhead that the printer reads as a catastrophic error.

How to fix Canon B200 error?

A terrifying B200 error on a Canon printer generally signals that the printhead has expired! Before you throw your printer in the bin or buy a new one, try a few of these tips.

Remove all ink cartridges and reinstall new ones.
Eliminate the printhead and thoroughly clean all gold contacts on the printhead itself. After reinstalling the printhead, make sure the ribbon cable connector is securely connected to the printhead itself (typically older models).
After taking the printhead out, rinse it thoroughly by rinsing the ink from the hot water tap. This video will help - Cleaning the print head
The next method is to reload the printer drivers because the B200 error code may be due to a damaged driver in some cases.
Consider turning the printer off and unplugging it from the wall outlet for at least two hours. Sometimes it can work.
If all else fails, follow the instructions in this video.
Buy a fresh printhead from the canon and install it yourself. (this is not recommended because buying a new printer is usually much more expensive).

How Can We Fix Canon B200 Error?

There are many things you can do to try to repair a faulty printhead. Try these repairs before replacing the entire device.

Reset the printer. Unplug the printer and leave it disconnected for at least 30 minutes. Sometimes a fantastic reset can do the trick because it allows the printer to cool down and reset everything to the correct location after being turned back on.
Remove any obstacles. It is possible that something is interfering with the connection to the printer. Open the printer door and the printhead should move so that you can access it. Gently unplug it and remove it from the printer.
Clear the printer's thoughts and printer maintenance options on the computer.
Manually clean the print head. To clean the gold contacts of the printhead, use pure alcohol or even oil-free. Using a microfiber cloth, rub the cleaner on the contacts, and then let it dry slightly before it dries completely.
Eliminate old ink. Cured ink may be trapped in the print head. Run it under warm tap water before the water comes out clean. Rub it with a paper towel and then reconnect the mind to the printer.
Find your camera on the official Canon support website and follow the driver update instructions.
Try a new ink cartridge. Defective cartridges rarely cause this error, but sometimes it happens. For information on this specific procedure for a specific device, refer to the user manual.

If none of the above methods work, the B200 error is most likely accurate. Time to look for a new printer.

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