How To Get Rid of Varicose Veins Without Surgery?

Varicose veins are diseases that cause pain and discomfort to the body; it is a common problem in both men and women, but especially in women, during pregnancy. 

It causes uncomfortable symptoms like aching, leg cramps, and even color changes in the skin. But dont worry. There are many effective ways to eliminate these rope-like veins without surgery and the pain and discomfort.  

How can I get rid of varicose veins without surgery? Or Is it worth getting varicose veins removed? Patients have many questions like this. There are a variety of non-surgical vein treatments that are quick, painless, and very effective. These methods are easy and less invasive.


Varicose veins can cause embarrassment; they can also cause pain and other distressing symptoms, such as swelling, itching, skin discoloration, and burning in your lower legs. Varicose veins mainly occur in the legs, ankles, and feet. 


Suppose compression treatment does not relieve your varicose veins. In that case, your vein specialist may suggest that any of the following procedures address the problem. They are as follows:


Your Vein doctor will suggest sclerotherapy if you have small varicose veins; your surgeon will inject a liquid or foam agent directly into your leg vein to collapse it entirely. This eliminates the local tissue; the vein fades away after some time, and blood is forwarded back to the heart through the healthy veins.

Your vein specialist will provide compression stockings to wear for one or two weeks after the procedure. The compression stockings help to circulate the blood through the veins easily and reduce bruising and swelling.



Endovenous Laser Therapy

Endovenous laser therapy (EVLT) includes mild to moderate treatment for varicose veins. This procedure involves inserting a catheter into the affected vein to deliver the laser light. The vein is cauterized and sealed off by the laser's heat, and the blood is then redirected to the nearby regular healthy veins. Laser therapy leaves almost no scars and typically doesn't need any time because it is minimally invasive. Additionally, your doctor will ask you to wear compression stockings for one to two weeks after the treatment to reduce leg swelling.

Radiofrequency Endovenous Ablation

Like laser therapy, radiofrequency ablation (EVRFA) uses a catheter to treat your vein, collapse, and seal shut the defective vein. 

You must avoid strenuous activities for a few days to fully recover from the therapy. Your doctor will provide you with compression stockings to heal sooner. 


Varicose veins are uncomfortable and cause pain; if left untreated, they can cause other issues. You may be thinking, "What kind of specialist treats varicose veins?" a phlebologist specializing in veins or a vascular surgeon specializing in blood vessels can treat the varicose veins condition. Make an appointment now with your doctor to treat varicose veins.

With minimally invasive treatments now, you can help yourself eliminate varicose veins. Those bulging veins popping up on the skin's surface look unpleasant and shut down the confidence level. 

To learn more about varicose vein treatments, contact your vein specialist and treat your varicose veins. 

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