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How to Get Ring of the Pale Order in ESO

Ring of the Pale Order is one of the two new items in the Markarth DLC of the Elder Scrolls Online. The Ring restores 20% of the damage you deal as health, at the cost of not being healed by other players. This makes it a very good option for solo gameplay and an item set to help you complete harder content, like VMA or Vateshran Hollows, faster.

The Blackwood PTS brings important changes to the Ring of the Pale order. The amount of healing done from this set has been increased to 20% of your damage done, up from 18%. The heal cap has also been removed.

The set, however, will lose 4% of its value per group member you are with, which means that in a normal 4-man dungeon group, the set will restore only 8%. The change is a clear buff for the Ring when used as intended for Solo gameplay, and it aims to discourage players from using it when a healer is around.

Like every Mythic item, Ring of the Pale Order consists of five fragments you have to find with the system of Antiquities to combine them and get the ring. It is not very hard to get. All you need is a little information and patience. In this guide, Lucky Ghost and ArzyeL Gaming show you how to get each lead for the ring easily.

Ring of the Pale Order Lead Locations

Lead 1: Onyx Accent Stones (Orsinium DLC required)

Onyx Accent Stones drop from every World Boss in the Wrothgar zone, and you'll want to kill the bosses until the lead drops.

Lead 2: Direnni Elegy Loop

Direnni Elegy Loop randomly drops from the Boss in Coldrock Diggings Delve in the Alik'r Desert Zone.

Lead 3: Aurmine Ancestral Signet

Aurmine Ancestral Signet randomly drops from Treasure Chests in Bangkorai Zone. The easiest way to find chests consistently might be to run around one of the delves and grab all the chests inside. Otherwise, you can run around the plains above ground, looking for chests.

Add-ons like Harvest Map will put chest spawn locations on your map so that you can run right to the possible spawn locations. 

Lead 4: Order-Etched Gallery Rail

Order-Etched Gallery Rail randomly drops from "trash" mobs inside the Bad Man's Hallow Public Dungeon in Glenumbra. Make sure you don't kill the bosses because they drop different leads.

Lead 5: Pale Order's Golden Band (Markarth DLC required)

You can find the Pale Order's Golden Band inside the Nighthollow Keep in The Reach zone's Blackreach part. This lead is dug up above ground in The Reach. It appears as "Ancient Text" upon a table in the middle of the map. 

This item has a long respawn time. If someone has collected it recently, you'll want to wait a few minutes for it to spawn again.

None of the leads mentioned above have a 100% drop rate. Be sure to dig up the lead while you're in the zone where it drops. The excavation site will always be in the same site as the zone it drops. So, in Wrothgar, after you get the lead, scry it and dig it out of the ground in Wrothgar.

In Glenumbra, when you are in the public dungeon, you will eventually find the lead. When you do, head outside, above ground. Then open up the Scrying, scry it and dig it out of the ground in Glenumbra. Same thing for Alik'r Desert. After you find the lead in the Delve, leave the Delve and come back outside. Open up the scry menu and dig it out of the ground. 

After you have found all the leads, you can put the pieces together and get your Ring of the Pale Order. If this will be your first encounter with the Ring of the Pale Order, it works the best if you've got consistent DoTs on your enemies. When you're fighting tough enemies, be sure to lay down a lot of DoTs on them. All of these DoTs will become HoTs through this life leech passive that restores 20% of the Damage you deal as Health. So, the more dots you keep on your enemies, the more effective this ring is. 

If you found these videos helpful, please remember to like and subscribe to their channels. For more news and guides related to TESO gold and ESO items, you can have a gander at our ESO news page on MmoGah – the best place to buy ESO gold...Read this post on MmoGah: How to Get Ring of the Pale Order in ESO

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