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1. 日本藤素是壯陽藥嗎


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Homosassa Fishing Charter

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Crystal River is home to the “WORLDS” largest population of the endangered West Indian Manatee. It’s also the only destination in the United States that permits swimming with these gentle giants.

How to install the mobile phone signal jammer outdoors to prevent lightning and water?

If the mobile phone signal jammer is installed outdoors, it is necessary to take waterproof and lightning protection measures. It is usually recommended to equip the mobile phone signal jammer with a special installation box. , used for heat dissipation, the top of the box is opened to extend the antenna of the mobile phone shield, the holes are sealed with hot melt adhesive, and the bottom of the box is provided with a power input hole and a diversion hole to avoid water accumulation.

The main unit of the cell phone blocker is installed on the top of the box, and the antenna extends out of the box. If it does not extend out of the box, the shielding effect will be greatly affected. Place the power adapter in the middle and lower part of the box.

When the mobile phone signal jammer is installed outdoors together with the installation box, for example, it is installed on the outer wall of a building, lightning protection measures must be taken. Pay more attention especially in thunderstorm-prone areas. In fact, the lightning protection measure is to add a lightning rod to the shield. If there is no ready-made lightning rod to buy, you can make your own lightning rod. The method is as follows:

How to install the mobile phone signal jammer outdoors to prevent lightning and water?

Portable 16 Antenna Hidden Cell Phone Jammer 4G/3G/2G +WiFi2.4G/5G+ GPSL1-L5 +UHF/VHF
Choose 3-4 steel bars with a diameter of 5-10mm and a length of 50cm, grind one end into a needle shape, and weld it with the other end to form a "ya" shape. The welded end is connected to the wire with a diameter of 2-3mm. On the ground, the end of the wire to the ground is connected with an iron strip. The iron strip is usually 50-100cm long and 2-5cm wide, and it is deeply driven into the ground. In addition, 10mm steel bars can also be used instead of iron strips.

Install the lightning rod 30-50cm above the antenna of the mobile phone signal jammer. The lightning rod, including the grounded steel wire, cannot come into contact with the cell phone jammer or the installation box, and an appropriate distance needs to be maintained.

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