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Rente in der schweiz

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Louer en Suisse peut être un excellent moyen d'économiser de l'argent et de vivre dans un beau pays. Mais il y a quelques choses que vous devez savoir avant de signer un bail. Lisez la suite pour nos meilleurs conseils sur la location en Suisse!

Au cours des dernières années, le système de rente in der schweiz a connu plusieurs changements. Le premier changement a été une augmentation de l'âge auquel vous pouvez prendre votre retraite. Pour avoir… Continue

How to Send University Transcript to WES for Canada Immigration?


In our previous articles, we have seen how lengthy and complicated immigration processes are. Unlike travelling, where you just book your hotels and flights, immigration requires several documents to be procured and evaluated. In the case of immigration, the applicant has to prove his identity, get VISA, provide the purpose of travelling, be it work, study or business and attach the supporting documents. These supporting documents ease the immigration and work purpose in the foreign land and ensure you don’t face any issues either during landing, staying or working abroad. For those seeking employment in Canada, a WES Certificate is one of such mandatory documents that an applicant must have.

What is WES for Canada?

A candidate seeking a job in Canada should apply for WES for Canada. WES or World Education Services is an evaluation agency that does Educational Credential Assessment (ECA). The credential evaluation body equates the education from one country to the education standard of another country. For example, if you have completed your graduation from India then you will need to get an assessment report from WES for Canada to get a job in Canada. Your WES transcript evaluated certificate will prove the equivalency of your Indian degree to that of a Canadian degree.

Why WES for Canada is important?

Any company want their employees to be qualified enough and have the required capabilities to smoothly process the tasks assigned to them. For a company in India, they can easily access the qualification of candidates studied in India. Because the HR knows the education system and they can easily assess the Indian candidates. But when it comes to companies in Canada evaluating Indian candidates, they find it difficult to properly assess their qualifications. Because the education system, syllabus, grading, etc. in India and Canada are different. Therefore WES for Canada is important to equate the education in two different countries. The companies in Canada find it easy to assess candidates if they have a WES transcript processed certificate.

How to apply for WES for Canada?

WES is one of the most popular educational assessment bodies. It receives thousands of applications for WES transcript evaluation certificates for countries like the USA and Canada. Therefore candidates looking to get ECA from WES for Canada, can trust the evaluating body and go for it. Their certificates are genuine and widely accepted. For processing your transcript from WES, you can submit an online application on WES’s official website. You need to submit the required documents such as transcript, scanned copy of mark sheets, candidate’s details, etc. For the complete list of documents required for WES transcript processing please check their website. Once you have filled out the application, pay the processing fee and submit it. You will receive your WES transcript evaluated certificate at the stipulated time at the mentioned address either physically or electronically.

How to apply for a WES transcript?

WES evaluates the transcript certificate provided by the respective university in which the candidate has studied. Therefore, before applying for an ECA certificate from WES for Canada, the student should fetch his transcript certificate first. WES transcript processing can take 2-4 weeks, so students are advised that they fetch their university transcript certificate at least 2-4 months in advance to avoid delays during processing time. To apply for a transcript for WES, you can visit your university’s website and fill in the application form by uploading the required documents. Or you can also contact transcript services that can help get your transcript certificate as well as the ECA certificate from WES for Canada.


To summarize the article, the student first needs to fetch his university transcript and the same is required to be sent to WES. An ECA certificate from WES for Canada is very important to prove the equivalency of educational qualification from any country to the educational standard in Canada. This equivalency certificate or WES transcript evaluated certificate is needed by employers and they find it easy to assess the candidate’s educational qualification through that. Therefore students seeking employment in Canada, apply for your university transcript by visiting the university or applying it online and once you receive your transcript, apply for a WES certificate online. If you still feel confused about how to apply for a transcript or WES for Canada, please leave your queries below. Alternatively, you can contact Worldwide transcripts to get your transcript certificate and WES certificate on time and without any hassle.

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