How to take care of your life size real sex dolls in home

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Today we will talking about how to take care of your life size real sex dolls.

The worst thing that can happen to us is that our sex dolls deteriorate or even worse that they are damaged. Many of these are a great responsibility when it comes to maintenance, and replacing or fixing them tends to be an extremely high monetary cost.

However, caring for a sex doll does not ask for a master’s degree in engineering or something similar: you should only have knowledge of the different care that must be implemented to keep it as new and thus make it last for years and years.

The steps in the list are:

1- Use of lubricant before using

You might think that using lubricant is not an imperative when it comes to satisfying you, the problem is not only in what may happen to you (breakages, irritations, scratches due to rubbing, etc.) but also in the continued use of the sex doll without use of lubricant produces wear on it, making it feel less realistic and creating damage by rubbing on the material from which it is made. In addition to this, it is proven that for a more realistic sexual act, a little lubricant should be used (much better if it is slightly heated slightly).

Always remember that for the safety of the silicone material from which the dolls are made, the lubricant must be water based

2- Store naked or baggy clothes

The use of very tight clothes when storing the sex doll can cause deformations that will cause the material to not return to normal. To avoid cracks, fissures or damage to the sex doll should be stored without clothes or with loose clothing.

3- Wash the hair

In case the hair of your sex doll gets dirty you can use shampoo or conditioner to clean it.

4- Clean it after each use

There is nothing worse than your sex doll starts to smell for not having cleaned it. It does not take more than 10 seconds to check all openings and clean them properly. For this, there are even specialized cleaners to clean sex dolls. This will keep it in the best possible conditions and without any smell.

5- Check repairs

Most sex dolls come with small free repair kits. We must verify our sex doll well and use these kits to repair any imperfections ourselves before it can be damaged or compromised.

6- Keep it away from the sun

Silicone is a heat-susceptible material. If you are in constant contact with the sun, it can get very hot and start to melt or deform. So to avoid this, it is advisable not to place it in hot places, or near the sun

7- Treat your sex doll like a real person

At the time of the sexual act, we must be especially careful with our sex dolls. No sex doll will be damaged by treating it a bit rough, however pulling a lot and repeatedly in some parts can cause certain damage. The ideal is to treat the doll in full sexual act as if it were a normal person, with this we will avoid possible damage to joints or hair.

8- Use powder on the skin

There is special powder for sex dolls that keep the sex doll skin as new and soft to the touch. To prevent the doll from becoming smooth or sticky, we can use a little of this from time to time. Also, it does not ask for much, it is easy to use and we can place it with our hands

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