You might ask a question that what is text mail? You may have noticed that you get emails from different websites and service providers whether you want it or not. These emails reach your inbox as a part of the email marketing campaign of those websites or service providers on which you voluntarily or involuntarily registered through your email, then you became the text mail subscriber text mail for that website.

These emails are sent to you to notify you about their latest updates, newer services, sales on their products, etc. in a hope that you might be interested in the offer and visit their website again.

A text now subscriber or email subscriber is a person who specifically requests to receive an email. Outgoing emails through email clients and ESP are MIME or multi-segment formats that support different types of content and multi-segment messages, as well as determining what format will be displayed to the recipient and information is to be shared.

Ways to Track your Text Mail Subscriber

If you want to track your text message or email subscribers, they can be tracked using the DDI utility application. These can dig, detect, and extract various detailed logins into files. It is one of the most comprehensive texts and email tracking apps.

There is also another way to locate the subscriber.

The first step is to search any phone number search site. There are several sites that can track the general location of the recipient. Once you find the shared site, look for apps like Reverse Lookup that let you find phone numbers. Best of all, this app can also help you locate Android phones as well as iPhone's.

Once you have a more specific recipient location, the next step is to look at mobile search engines like Ugux. With sites like Ugux, you can find the number by entering the sender's number and the first three digits of the area code.

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