How To Use But DMT Canada Chaga Supplements

As we have explored, there is no shortage of benefits offered from the chaga mushroom. So But DMT Canada when wondering, “what is chaga mushroom?” and “how to take chaga?” The solution is simple.

Since its longstanding use in folk medicine, chaga can still be commonly used as a functional beverage to help support daily health and wellness. Chaga mushroom powder supplements have also made this king of mushrooms more convenient to add to your daily health routine.

Fantasy shrooms Mushroom offers chaga in an organic mushroom powder blend to easily add to beverages or recipes of your choice. We grow our chaga in a clean and safe environment at our indoor farm in Carlsbad, California.

In this controlled environment safe from toxins and pesticides, our team of mycologists monitor the growing conditions to ensure the highest quality and efficacy.

We also offer chaga in a capsule form that provides the same supporting benefits as mushroom powder, just accessible in a capsule. Our Om chaga capsules are recommended to take in the evening to help supercharge beauty sleep and support youthful radiance.‡

Our Beauty Blend Organic Mushroom Powder combines chaga with maitake, shiitake, cordyceps, and king trumpet mushrooms to provide a blend that supports healthy hair, skin, and nails.

This blend is also offered in capsules with the same mushroom blend, but are enhanced with biotin.

Here are tips on how to take our chaga mushroom supplements:

Take three capsules per day with a glass of water for optimal support.

Add one teaspoon (2 grams) of our mushroom powder blend daily to tea, coffee, smoothies, or recipes.

If you are thinking about But DMT Canada incorporating a natural supplement into your daily health routine, consider chaga. As the king of mushrooms, this supplement can provide optimal support for your health and wellness goals.

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