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Interaktive Erlebnisse mit Silikon-Sexpuppen: Eine Revolution im Intimbereich

Posted by gutdolls on June 24, 2024 at 11:38pm 0 Comments

Silikon-Sexpuppen haben in den letzten Jahren eine bemerkenswerte Entwicklung durchlaufen. Sie sind nicht nur realitätsnah gestaltet, sondern bieten auch interaktive Funktionen, die Ihr intimes Erlebnis auf ein völlig neues Niveau heben können. In diesem Artikel werden wir die verschiedenen Möglichkeiten erkunden, wie Sie interaktiv mit Silikon-Sexpuppe spielen können. Von der Technologie hinter diesen Puppen bis hin…


How to use sex torso dolls: take beautiful pictures with torso sex dolls

When purchasing realistic torso sex dolls, many people would consider purchasing them not only for sex but also for decorative purposes. Real sex dolls torso have a realism and beauty that love doll torsos cannot imagine, so they must be photographed and preserved, right? Many people wonder how to take more beautiful photos of a lifelike sex doll torso like her. This time I will show you how to take beautiful photos when photographing your love doll torso to see and keep.

Model TPR love doll torso

To take beautiful photos with your real love doll torso, you need to adjust the model of the torso doll. It's not just about taking the photo, but also about adjusting the look and pose of the doll torso. This brings movement to the whole photo and underlines the charm of the love doll torso. The first step to a beautiful photo is to determine the sight and pose of the real love doll torso.

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Perspective of the life size torso sex doll: The first step to a beautiful photo of the TPR sex torso doll is to adjust the perspective of the love doll torso. Do not look straight ahead or face the camera. Direct your eyes diagonally towards the camera to emphasize the natural charm of the real love doll.

Realistic torso sex doll poses: Poses are important to get the love doll torso moving. The key to determining the pose is knowing the range of motion of the love doll's joints. Please note that inappropriate poses may cause stress to the torso love doll. To get a beautiful shot of a real love doll torso, bend the joints naturally, let them move and adjust the fingertips.

Shooting conditions: In order to get a nice photo of a real love doll, it is probably not just the love doll torso model, but the shooting conditions such as the equipment and the location are also important. Once you have set the setting for your real love doll torso, choose the shooting conditions.

Professional photography equipment: To take beautiful photos, you not only need a DSLR camera, but also a scaffold to mount the camera. When shooting with a mobile phone, the light source is weak and it is difficult to take pictures. Use a SLR camera to take very accurate shots of real doll torsos.

Suitable Places: Due to the nature of torso sex dolls, I think there are many places to photograph them at home. I think many people don't want to shoot outdoors when photographing real sex dolls torso. It is difficult to photograph outdoors alone, so it is advisable to photograph outdoors with a friend who is close to you.

Angle: Angles are also important for taking beautiful photos. You have to find your favorite angles online or in magazines and then decide on an angle for your True Love Doll.

Light source for the shoot: Using a lamp or tripod as a light source and white cardboard as a reflector, you can take beautiful pictures like a professional. Light intensity and light reflection are also important, so keep trying to find the best light source.

Composition for the shot: After figuring out what kind of photo you want to take, create a composition that shows that the model likes the teen torso sex dolls. Note that if there are too many reflections from other objects, the model will become blurry.
Post-processing: After you take the photo, you can edit it using the software. Find a way to make the model real love doll torso stand out by adjusting the light and dark. I think you also need to adjust the tones by adjusting the contrast to get a nice photo.

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