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يشترى اثاث

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إقامة المشروعات والشركات الصغيرة والأساسيات للأدوات أو المفروشات المؤهلة بأسعار منخفضة.

يتم تلبية جميع هذه المتطلبات والاحتياجات من خلال الأثاث التجاري للبشر إلى ، حيث توفر البداية المثالية أشكالًا متغيرة من الأسعار ، نظرًا لأن الأمتعة تتجاوز مراحل المستهلك العديدة التي تتناسب مع العملة في حالة الملكية والظهور ، على النحو التالي :

1. استعادة الأمتعة والموصل الملبس يشير إلى الخارج الضحلة.

شراء أثاث مستعمل

2. إن الأريكة…


Bulk SMS

If we know with the help of the English dictionary what happens bulk? So the Hindi meaning of the word "Bulk" is "Bulk" ie "heap" and you know the meaning of SMS, SMS is the full form of "Short Message Service".

If you understand in simple language, you know the meaning of "SMS", we do text messages to someone on our mobile, we usually call them SMS.

Now this has become basic information or it has become a simple definition and in this way, many people could not understand what this bulk SMS is.

For this, we will take an example of our daily life, so that you will be able to understand easily Bulk SMS and the most interesting thing is that you get to see the example of bulk SMS every day. Now you must be wondering where do we look?

So if you have a SIM from any telecom company such as Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, Jio, etc., then whenever there is a message related to your Balance, Recharge or Offer. There you will see some words like AB-AIRTEL, VB-IDEA etc. The special thing here is that whatever companies send such messages, we do not see their number, and in exchange for that number we see some such words.

We will place it within the category of Bulk SMS because this company doesn't only send this message to you, it sends the same message to all its customers simultaneously and in this way, it comes underneath the category of bulk SMS.

Due to which it sends a lot of SMS to its customers in bulk and this work is used not only by the telecom company but also many small and big businesses, coaching classes, institutions, Organizations, and also many professionals.

I hope you currently easily understand what a bulk SMS is? I would also call it a professional SMS because it's quite professional.

Why is bulk SMS used?

Now the question may also be arising in the minds of many of you, where are these bulk SMSs used and why?

There is a very simple answer to this, as I told you, many companies have to send the same message to a lot of people. If they message everyone one by one, it will take countless days to send them one message to all their customers, and for this big manpower will be required.

The solution to all these problems is "bulk SMS", in which an SMS can be sent to countless people at once. Here we have another facility, not to show our number. We can send a message in bulk SMS without showing your number.

This may have given you an idea as to why bulk SMS is used?

Benefits of Bulk SMS

It has been clear to us from the above lines why Bulk SMS is very important and for whom?

Bulk SMS has the following advantages: -

The first and foremost advantage of Bulk SMS is that you can deliver one message to countless people at once. which saves our time and we reach more people in less time.

The second biggest advantage of this is that we can send a message to people while not mentioning their number, in which our company code is shown instead of our number. therefore the Bulk SMS Service is more suitable for companies, organizations, and businesses.

Sending Bulk SMS makes our company, organization, or business feel more professional, which allows us to attract a lot of customers and it's helpful for our business.

Apart from Bulk SMS, there are some other small and big benefits. but I have only talked about a number of the more prominent advantages here.

Who can use Bulk SMS?

As such, it is not necessary to have any special ability to send bulk SMS, any person can send bulk SMS. But it is better to use bulk SMS only when required. For example, how do the following people use it in force?

Small to Large Industries and Companies

Coaching Institutes


Any Professional Person etc….

Can I send Bulk SMS?

Yes, of course, you can also send bulk SMS, because no special qualification is required to send Bulk SMS. If you want, you can send a message to your friends and relatives without joking with anyone, or if you have a business, a company, a class institute, you can still do your branding using it.

We talk further about the ways in which you can send Bulk SMS.

How to Message Without Number?

If we ask this question Indirectly, then can we say what is Bulk SMS? but let's talk the indirect language. As I told you above, you get this kind of facility in bulk SMS, then absolutely you can send the message to anyone without telling your number.

There will be some words in place of your number, as all companies live.

How will we send such messages? We will talk about that now. I will tell you the way by which you will be able to send such messages for Free.

What is DND?

Now you will say that we have come to learn something else. Which heavy word did you put in front of us?

Let me tell you, this word will be used while sending Bulk SMS to us. so it's important to know about it. Let me tell you the complete kind of DND is “Do Not Disturb”. this is a kind of facility, which is given on every single SIM card. If someone activates DND on their SIM card, then no company will be able to send any kind of Promotional Messages to it.

Now, what is this promotional message? When do you need the word DND? we know about it.

What is TRAI?

The full kind of TRAI is “Telecom regulatory authority of India. now you will say that what's the necessity for another new word again?

I am not supplying you with any info without any meaning. I don't need to give you incomplete information, so I'm explaining everything to you in detail. TRAI handles the telecom Department in our country.

In this way, it decides which SMS will be sent once and where? Even what we have a tendency to watch on tv, what channels are shown in it, things like this also reach we through TRAI.

What are the different types of Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS kya hai? we've we have to know this, let us know what are the types of Bulk SMS?

If you go to any Bulk SMS Service provider, it will give you 2 types of facilities for sending bulk SMS. in this way, we can|we will|we are able to say that there are mainly 2 types of bulk SMS, which are the following: -

Transactional SMS

Promotional SMS

Transactional SMS

It is used for the purpose of branding or promotion.

Promotional SMS can be sent only between 9:00 am to 9:00 pm as per TRAI's order.

Such s.m.s. Can be sent only to the DND number.

Promotional SMS

It is used for sending OTPs, giving specific information, etc.

Promotional SMS can be sent any time in 24 hours.

Such s.m.s. Can also be sent to DND and Non-DND numbers.

Now you must understand what is the difference between Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS? And above why I explained the meaning of the words TRAI and DND?, You must have understood.

Best bulk SMS service provider in India Sanchar tech

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