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Site Seguro Para Comprar Erifor Tetracycline Genérico Entrega Rápida Brasil

Posted by Nikki Harriue on April 16, 2021 at 8:24pm 0 Comments

Site Seguro Para Comprar Erifor Tetracycline Genérico Entrega Rápida Brasil

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Buy Spanish Passport

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I am looking at different types of EVE echoes

Very nice, I'll need to study this and EVE Mobile ISK learn how to actually utilize it. Or am I just outright dumb?Everyone is a con artist in training.Well a lot of eve players have technology backgrounds. Another big group is posers.There's also a large contingent of angry clowns.I don't get it, nobody does, but play for a couple of years and you will see the trend. Can you shed some light onto the"Number of Reprocesses" located in I21:I36?It's associated to the amount of raw ore needed, and the raw ore from the"Ideal Mix" section is the amount *100 of M3 you need of this ore?So if the"ideal mix" of Spod needed is 300 - that means I want 30,000 Spod. And one"reprocess" of Spod is 10,000 Spod?This is perplexing me for a while.

You're dead on right before the end. A"reprocess" is obviously 100 ores. If the perfect mix requires 300 spod reprocesses then you're correct that you need 30,000 spod. 1 reprocess of spod is 100 spod and will provide you minerals based on your reprocessing efficiency. Cells I21-I37 from the sheet.

I suppose"quantity of reprocesses" is how many times I want to reprocess a"batch" of 100 ore?Also, what are the chances it's possible to add a blueprint components cost? Or an choice to offer"custom layout cost" without overriding the search for the industry price?Thanks! Great spreadsheet.Agreed, once I've bought the pattern afterward the price should be secured in (too, it might have been got for free).Love your sheet. 1 suggestion would be to have separate editable fields for every industry's material efficacy. I keep forgetting to swap the % when I am looking at different types of ships.I may take a look at this for future version but it would likely add some substantial complexity.

Everything subtracts nicely when you click the craft button, but once I reprocessed the ore I hands, the minerals it gave me way off. It attempted to tell me I got 122mil Tritanium from roughly 4k Spod. Am I entering items in wrong?I have discovered there are some problems with the tables I'm using for reprocessing. I am attempting to focus on getting the correct values for this table but it's proving elusive so far. I've updated the algorithm to be as close as I can for now but know that until I find a correct fix, the reprocessed mineral levels may be slightly erroneous. Thank you for reporting the problem!

I've finally found and fixed this issue. If you make a copy of the newest 2.0.1 version the reprocessing values should be correct.When I try to edit the arrangement of which the planetary material item section I had noticed that the amount in column does not update.The sheet includes a lot of custom scripting that depends on items being in the ideal place. Altering the orders of these values will cause things to not work correctly. The spreadsheet is actually meant to be used as is which is why I summarized the cells that buy eve echoes isk you should edit.

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