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Elevate Your Gameplay: Betso88's Thrilling Selection!

Posted by John Snow on May 25, 2024 at 7:11am 0 Comments

In the vast realm of online gaming platforms, few can match the thrill and variety offered by Betso88. Whether you're a seasoned gambler or a casual player looking for some entertainment, Betso88 has something to offer for everyone. From exhilarating Jili slots to classic card games like blackjack and poker, and even sports betting on NBA and PBA matches, Betso88 is your one-stop destination for endless entertainment and lucrative rewards.

Unleash the Thrill with Jili Slots

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If you don't understand KOL, we suggest you don't do marketing

1. The current marketing communication chain has been reconstructed by KOL.

KOL has become an unavoidable part of today's marketing. From the marketing chain structure, KOL is similar to offline agents.

But more advanced than traditional offline agents, KOL not only we can develop to help sales, but also by virtue of their own public opinion influence to continue to strengthen the Chinese brand,kol是什么 that is to say, KOL is not only an online distributor, or online billboards.

Although it seems that KOL can realize "product and effect", but for a KOL, "product" and "effect" often can not be both, because for the KOL themselves However, for a KOL, "product" and "effect" SEO公司的作用是什么often cannot go hand in hand, because for the KOL itself, the two modes of "product" and "effect" are contradictory in operation.

Therefore, a brand wants to put KOL to achieve "product efficiency", relying on homogenized KOL can not be done, need to diversify the combination of KOL to achieve. The usual practice, the logic is actually very simple - big KOL playing brand, small KOL do goods. 2.

2. If you look at the growth path of a KOL, it usually goes through three stages.

Deep user (KOC\KOF) - Vertical opinion leader (small KOL) - Opinion leader (big KOL)

KOL is often a deep learning user of a certain information platform or a core fan of a certain KOL, and with the expansion of social influence, it becomes an opinion leader in a certain vertical management field in China, and then develops into an opinion leader in a public service field through the propagation of broken circles.

Small KOLs are very different from big KOLs in various ways.Small KOLs usually focus on their own interests and their influence is usually limited to the platform. Their fans tend to stick more to the platform than to the KOL himself. Users choose the platform first, and then choose the content of the small KOL.

Big KOLs have cross-platform influence. In addition to their areas of interest, they often comment on social issues. In other words, they can not only export their domain knowledge, but also their values, which have become their own symbols with certain intellectual property attributes. Their fans are stickier to the Kol itself than to the platform, and users will migrate according to the Kol's platform of choice.

The difference between the two actually explains why small KOLs are suitable for carrying goods and large KOLs are suitable for branding.

It is not difficult to find a large KOL has been developed more and more as a brand "image spokesman", and small KOL realization / carry goods efficiency issues also depends on the enterprise platform company's own flow of cash channel and whether it can be fluent, so for the brand in the choice of KOL, pick the head KOL Therefore, when brands choose KOL, they need to choose IP and then platform sales channels, and when they choose waist KOL, they need to choose platform information channels and then specific content placement accounts.

3. Can the top KOLs be copied?

In our opinion, no. There are a lot of complex factors that go into becoming the head of an online celebrity, and a lot of opportunities that are fleeting and cannot be duplicated.

The bonus means that once it is tapped, players will flock to the blue ocean, which will soon become the red ocean. As a result, the ROI will only continue to decline and no one can keep the ROI going through the same downward pattern.

4. Trust Realization

KOL traffic realization can actually be seen as the realization of trust: users will plant a product or feel good about a brand because they believe in the KOL's recommendation. Generally speaking, KOL's daily content output is used to build up users' trust, while advertisement realization is used to consume users' trust.

Therefore, once a KOL receives too many corporate advertisements, it will overdraw trust and jeopardize the KOL's own long-term development interests. When the level of user trust is reduced to below the management of ordinary users, users will treat their work as "ugly corner". This kind of "ugly corner" KOL may need to have a popularity, have a certain amount of advertising exposure time value, but the commercial ceiling is obvious.

But this is not to say that there is no balance between user trust and commercial mobility, a good KOL marketing result should be a win-win situation for the brand, the KOL and the user - it solves the information asymmetry between the three and improves efficiency.

KOL Delivery Value = Fans*Trust*Category Factor

KOL's referral value consists of three parts: first, the real fan base, which measures the basic impact; second, trust, which measures KOL's ability to persuade users to take action, which can be measured by sticky indicators such as comments, retweets, and buybacks, e.g. high category coefficient of financial real estate, low category coefficient of fast-moving snacks, and average KOL coefficient of the public. Of course, the above is only a rough idea of KOL evaluation, these three variables will also affect each other, but through technical means should be able to get in-depth optimization.

5. Live streaming with goods

Live seems to be in full swing, but the categories of goods are actually very limited. Currently live merchandise categories tend to experience products and non-standard products.

Live with goods and TV network shopping does have many similarities, one of the problems of the enterprise is the sale of their own products de-branding. Branding is a form of social trust, but in the context of live streaming, anchors can complement this mutual trust by improving their own interpretations. So even if they are no-name brands, viewers will still buy under the influence of the anchor.

But for most inexperienced standards of this kind, unless there's a price war, lifestyle products may not work. In other words, videotape is currently a filtered product category, and not all brands are suitable.

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