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Online tutoring is growing day by day. This has grown globally that classes are taken between people from different countries. There are a lot of qualified tutors in our country, India. They take sessions for students in various countries like the USA, UK, Africa, Australia, and native India also. A lot of online tutoring for the USA from India is done. There are conducted by online tutors from India to USA.

A lot of sites promote the online tutoring service from India. A lot of online tutors from India are well versed in the American curriculum. Tutors take classes for children from kinder garden till the 12th grade. The classes are taken for various subjects including Maths, Science, Languages, Logical reasoning and many more. There are also online tutoring services from India to USA that promotes public speaking skills and enhance it.

Online tutors from India work for the USA in a remote setup. They can stay back in their own home and work. This can be considered a part-time job because in the daytime they can go for other work too.

The major sites that provide online tutoring for USA from India include Growing Stars, Planetspark, Eclassopedia, Cambly, etc. The classes are taken according to the convenience of both the tutors and the tutee. They also look for the convenience of the parent too.

In Growing Stars, the working time for India is from 1:00 AM to 10:00 AM. In the evening time, the tutors can take classes for Japanese students too. The tutors can earn 500 per hour. The students attend the live class in the evening according to the time shift. Initially, the tutors take demo classes. Then the parents make the tutors regular by listening to their classes according to their wish. There are a minimum of one student and a maximum of 5 students in each session. The tutors teach them mostly in an American accent. The tutors also get additional remuneration for taking extra classes too. The tutors after one year of experience can suggest other tutors too. This website is fast growing now. There are operational sections and many other sections to conduct the major and minor processes.

Eclassopedia is an Indian website. The online tutor from India takes classes for the learner. Most of the students are from the USA. A tutor can earn a minimum of 30000 per month if they take 2 hours per day. This can be considered both a part-time and full-time job. If people consider it a full-time job, they can earn more than one lakh per month.

The classes are conducted based on a few steps which include a demo, confirmation by parents, counseling, etc. The students here develop many skills. They learn the school topics as well many other activities too. They become excellent communicators with self-development and skills. They are under the guidance of experts too.

Planetspark too is an Indian website. They provide public speaking classes for children mainly from USA and India. The payment per hour is very attractive. Initially, the tutor needs to make a confirmation call to the parent. Later the demo is done. For each demo, the tutor gets 200 but the student demos are free. Later if the parents are willing to accept the tutor based on the demo, they will confirm him/her. Later they start to take regular classes. The regular classes will be either for 90,120 or 150 days. The payment for each session is more than 400.

There are several modules of public speaking in this. This includes story building, writing, speaking, and many more. The tutors also make children engage in fun activities too.

Most parents opt for online tutoring due to its varied advantage. People are able to easily fit into this platform too. The students get a chance to develop their own skills too. They are also able to easily fit onto it. The online tutoring sites are more or less reliable too. Even if it is a virtual platform it feels like a real one.

The students get more and more exposure. They are able to explore it in a more elegant manner. The classes will be as long as well as between 45minutes to one hour. The tutors not only focus on the subject matter. They also give due importance to other things like skill enhancement, development, communication skills, writing and reading skills, etc.

More than that is method is more profitable for both parties. Because there are no other expenses like traveling, accommodation, dress, etc. This is a more safe place too. Here children are safer compared to other platforms. They are free from physical and mental abuses. In addition to this parents opt for online tutoring because they are busy in their areas too. So they can spend some money and make their kids brilliant too.

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