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Somewhere between rhythm game and musical instrument, inSynch is an arcade game at heart. Allowing the player to act while being acted upon: follow the score you compose, e 5d3b920ae0

Title: inSynch
Genre: Indie
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Them Games
Release Date: 30 Sep, 2015


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This game is utterly abstract, and everything in it is real. That's the impression inSynch provides in every way. I used to disdain rhythm games. That was before I realized they were art, or should aspire to be. This game achieves that completely. The stop-motion animation gives much more "motion" than "stop". It's a funny feeling seeing a photograph move. The pixellation, blockiness and glitchy artifacts of digital graphics that I have trained my brain not to even *notice* in most other games, because they're so ubiquitous? They're completely absent here. It's the visual equivalent of listening to electronic music when someone begins playing a woodwind behind your head. Speaking of music, the music in this game has a very similar effect to the visual fluidity and verisimilitude that went into the visual animations. There are electronic noises and the sounds of sticks being hit together, and I think that was two glasses of wine tinking together in a toast. And somehow, no matter how your gameplay affects the music (and it does), the overall composition remains interesting and very cool. There's a mode where you play just for fun, without penalty for misses, and without really too much emphasis on score -- in fact, it's the only mode available when you begin. And the effect is just that -- fun. Hell, the pieces you're interacting with dance for you in ways that can only be described as playful to the point of ecstatic. InSynch was first released in an art gallery, and it shows. It's a beautiful, playful, and engaging piece of interactive art. Well worth the purchase price, if only to support people who might put more things like this into our world.. Highly addictive, hectic andfun, inSynch is the puzzle game that masquerades as a rhythm game. You hit four keys to bump four different blocks into a pit to make the level's song grow and transform into the full song, and that's about it! Timing is absolutely key.. Wonderfully weird rythm game with an absolutely astonishing stop motion look. Takes some getting used to but once you start learning to parse the game area, getting into a perfect flow is an amazingly meditative experience.

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