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El embarazo es siempre y en toda circunstancia un momento emocionante.

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Estás ocupada pensando en mil cosas: qué sexo va a tener el bebé, qué nombre elegir, de qué manera decorar la habitación del bebé, etcétera Pero, seguramente, muchas de tus amigas tienen una cosa en lo alto de su lista de prioridades: tu baby shower. Los baby showers son un instante estupendo para reunirse con las amigas y celebrar el próximo nacimiento y toda la emoción que conlleva. Más info pinchando:



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What Is The Working Formula of Male ELG8?

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15 Secretly Funny People Working in Skeeter Dave

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The Ultimate Guide To Benefit From Baton Rouge Mosquito Abatement - Arceneaux ...

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Is it possible to make healing potions using herbalism kit 5e?

Is it possible to make healing potions using herbalism kit 5e?
The PHB description of herbalism kit 5e states that it is required to create Potions of Healing. The tradition says that we should start on page 82. Xanthar’s guide to everything:

Rules for Healing Potions dnd 5e
The official rules for dnd 5e healing potion are straightforward. On page 150 of the Player’s Handbook, you can find:

Potion of Healing. Drinking the magic red fluid from this vial gives a character 2d4 + 2 hit points. A potion can be administered or drank. When you consume this potion, you will gain hit points. The potion’s rarity (as shown in the Potions of Healing Table) determines how many hit points you get. The potion’s red liquid glows when it is agitated, regardless of its potency. As you can see, price differences can be significant. It does show how wide a range of rarity, price, and significance potions of healing can be

Using Potions
While the rules clearly state that drinking a potion constitutes an action, there are other rules and ways that people approach it at their tables. Although it seems obvious that using a healing potion should be considered a full action in the rules, many issues can arise during play.

Does it make sense to take a potion for healing? Do you think it is more difficult to feed your friend who has died with a potion of healing?

There are many ways to approach it.

A potion of healing is a means of healing yourself or another willing creature.[Action – Action]
A potion of healing is considered a bonus action while using it on yourself is considered an action.[Bonus Action – Action]
Bonus actions include using a potion to heal yourself or another willing creature.[Bonus action-Bonus action]
Because combat economics is deeply embedded in combat economics, a slight change in outcome can make a big difference. Before deciding on the matter in your game, there are some elements that I recommend you consider. Option number one, which is the closest to the rules for most DMs, would be the ‘canon.

Dynamics. The dynamics of your adventure will determine how many fights you have to put in. The ability to summon a healing potion at the right time can make a difference in players’ lives if they have more than two encounters during short-rest.
Team composition. It would be wonderful if all groups had a healer druid or cleric, but that’s not always possible. They might need to rest or use a healing potion to help them recover from any trauma.
Numerical number of PCs. It’s easier to use an action for healing when there are 7-8 characters on the map than when there are 2-3 PC. Every moment is important, and falling unconscious is more fatal.
Rare. Potion of healing is easily available everywhere, and players have some money to spend on their supplies. PoH is not a good idea if it’s an expensive action in the combat economy.
Let’s now look at the bonus Action – Act Model and bonus action – Bonus action.

Bonus Action – Act The only place where a PC can take Action and consume PoH is. This rule increases the tactical value of the healing potion by ensuring a good rarity balance and allowing for a longer period between short rests.

Similar Bonus Action – Bonus Action: The model is valid but lacks an element of drama when someone is fed a potion. It is usually useful to keep someone alive or bring back the fight, making more sense to make it meaningful with Action.

On the Potion of Healing Creation table, you can find the times and costs involved. As with any druid, you will be able to use the herbalism kit with proficiency. If you are willing to spend the time and money and get an herbalism kit, healing potions can be possible.

OP, The homebrew was pretty good, and our group had a lot of fun with it. But there are some things you should know.

It is insane to allow poison damage per round. You should limit it to 1 round or two maximum.
These potions are great for making a variety of different kinds of remedies.
STABLE. Do not allow your character to make powerful supplementary items if you’re not ready. My character just made a few 16d6 healing potions. The poisons are the same.
What is Herbalism kit in 5e?
An herbalism kit in 5e is a tool that allows you to identify and collect useful elements from plants safely.

Components. An herbalism kit contains pouches for herbs, clippers, leather gloves for collecting plants, and a mortar and pestle. There are also several glass jars.

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