Is Tech Making Love Dolls Better or Worse?

You've been out on your own for a while and have become very comfortable with the feeling of vibrating, fake ribbing, and latex. Sex toys can be a friend to both single men and single women. While both are looking for the same result, couples and singles will find that sex toys can be adjusted once they have found someone to share their lives with. Today we check out what you can keep, ditch, modify and discover in adult toy-land, when you go from being a solo player to part of a pair.

™Put Them Under Wraps...

Now that you've got a helping hand for many of the tasks that you had to complete alone, you can put these guys away in the back of the garage:

Keep Them Out...

With a suitably open-minded partner and plenty of discussion about them, there's no reason why these sex toys can't stay in the back of your underwear drawer:


Once you start looking at sex toy websites, the myth that sex toys only appeal to singles will quickly be dispelled! You'll see quite a few toys that are designed for partnered play, and becoming part of a couple is a great time to try out:

Becoming part of a couple definitely doesn't mean the end of your sex toy adventure... in fact, it's just the beginning!

Established in 1925, the Mary Hoyer Doll Manufacturing Company started as a craft store in Reading Pennsylvania. Mary Hoyer, the founder, made knitted items for infants and children. Later on, she used a model doll to make crocheted and knitted dresses with her pattern book. Ideal Novelty and Toy Company initially supplied the dolls with their twist waist and torso features. The first dolls were marked with Ideal's label. However, the doll's clothes were labeled Hoyer.

Mary hired Bernard Lipfert's expertise as a doll maker to create her doll line in 1937. The dolls were made from composition materials, sleep eyes, or painted eyes. They had real upper lashes, but the lower part is painted. They also had a closed mouth. Fiberoid Doll Products Co. also produced the models. The label "The Mary Hoyer doll" was added to the dolls.

By the end of 1946, the Hoyer dolls sported a hard plastic material which has the marking "ORIGINAL Mary Hoyer Doll Made in USA." This newer version had mohair wig, blue sleep eyes with eyelids, closed mouth, and still with real upper lashes and painted lower ones.

The company began making their 14-inch tall boy doll in 1937. It had an all-composition body and sometimes came in prince costumes. The hard plastic version came around 1946 which also sported a jointed body, sleep eyes, short mohair wig, and a closed mouth. Due to its limited production, the boy doll is slightly more expensive than the common female dolls. This also makes it as one of the most sought -after dolls for collectors.

Hoyer also launched the Gigi doll in the 1950s. It was available in two sizes, 14 inches and 18. It had a jointed string body which was also made of hard plastic. The doll had a hair wig, closed eyes, closed mouth, and a hard plastic head.

The Vicky doll, measuring 10.5 inches, was introduced in 1957. It featured a twist waist, rooted hair and a jointed, hard plastic fashion body. The doll was actually the Suzette doll of Uneeda thus it has the marking of the Uneeda Doll Company on its neck as it was supplied by them. The doll was then repackaged with Hoyer's clothing creations.

The Mary Hoyer Doll company had its business closed in the 1970s but was then recently relaunched with its new creations. The new doll editions are priced from $56 to as much as $229. The dolls also come with a line of accessories and clothes and amazingly a line of beautifully crafted wigs of different colors and hairstyles.

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