Key Areas Where a Company Secretary Provides Advice

A company secretary is much more than just a compliance manager filing documents. One of their most valuable roles is providing expert advice to the board and CEO on a wide range of issues impacting the company. Here are some key areas where an experienced secretary provides strategic counsel:

Corporate Governance

The secretary advises the board on governance best practices encompassing board composition, director duties, committee structures, risk management, and shareholder rights. They recommend improvements to align with codes and increasing governance expectations.

Statutory Compliance

Secretaries have specialized knowledge of company law, securities regulations, tax codes, accounting standards, and other compliance areas. They utilize their expertise to provide guidance on fulfilling regulatory obligations and avoiding non-compliance.

Board Processes

From preparing agendas to recording minutes, corporate secretarial services are involved in all board processes. They provide advice to streamline procedures, follow correct protocols, implement technology, and facilitate productive meetings.

Policies and Procedures

Company secretary Singapore assists in formulating and updating important internal policies across functions like financial controls, cybersecurity, employee conduct, data protection, and corporate social responsibility.

Investor Relations

Public companies need robust communication with shareholders and the investment community. Corporate secretary guide management on disclosure requirements, media interactions, analyst presentations, and building investor confidence.

Risk Mitigation

Secretaries identify risks across compliance, reputation, contingency planning, conflicts of interest, related party transactions, data security, and investigations. They recommend risk mitigation strategies.

Corporate Actions

Actions like M&A deals, capital raising, IPOs, business restructuring, or entering new markets have complex compliance impacts. Corporate secretarial services provide tailored advice on fulfilling regulations pertaining to such events.

Crisis Management

When faced with scenarios like litigation, fraud, regulatory breach or other crises, company secretary services help guide the board on appropriate responses, mitigating adverse impacts, investigation protocols, and communications.

Succession Planning

Secretaries assist boards in identifying talent gaps, selecting qualified candidates, designing transition processes, and formulating succession policies for directorships and senior management.

The advisory role of company secretarial services spans strategy, governance, compliance, risk, investor relations, and crisis management. Their multi-dimensional advice enables boards to function effectively and make informed decisions that protect and create value for stakeholders. Business leaders should leverage their secretary’s expertise proactively beyond just compliance filing.

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