Last Epoch Crafting Guide for Beginners

Crafting serves as a fundamental aspect in Last Epoch, offering both simplicity for seasoned ARPG players and accessibility for newcomers. It stands as a central end-game activity, demanding significant time investment in perfecting weapons and gear. Contrary to the notion of waiting until level 90, the game encourages players to embrace crafting from the outset.

Crafting in Last Epoch involves modifying existing items, referred to as bases. Any item can serve as a base, allowing players to alter every aspect through crafting. While implicit attributes and affixes can be changed and upgraded, the weapon's fundamental nature remains unaltered. Starting with a 'good base' – an item with desirable attributes – streamlines the crafting process.

In the pursuit of perfecting your gear, the availability of Last Epoch Gold becomes crucial. This in-game currency opens up avenues for acquiring necessary resources, enhancing your crafting capabilities, and obtaining coveted Last Epoch Items. Whether you're looking to refine your gear or trade for essential components, Last Epoch Gold plays a pivotal role in navigating the crafting landscape of Last Epoch.

Craft Items Steps

  1. Open the forging menu by pressing 'F.'
  2. Drag the item you want to craft to the center of the Forge.
  3. Select the affix you wish to upgrade.
  4. Click on the 'up' arrow above the affix.
  5. Execute the 'Upgrade Affix' action.

This crafting loop is deceptively simple but holds significant depth, offering players the ability to fine-tune their gear.

Navigating Common Crafting Terms


Shards play a crucial role, acting as loose affixes floating about. Obtained through loot or by shattering items with the respective affix, shards are essential for upgrading or adding affixes. Shattering involves breaking an item to obtain shards, with each affix tier demanding a specific number of shards for an upgrade.

Affix Tiers

Affix tiers, denoted as T1, T2, T3, etc., indicate the level of an affix during crafting. Crafting allows upgrading an affix to T5, with T6 and T7 affixes exclusively found as loot.

Forging Potential

Forging Potential defines an item's upgradability. Each affix upgrade consumes Forging Potential, rendering the item unmodifiable once depleted. Saving Forging Potential is possible through the Glyph of Hope or Critical Success, the latter upgrading an item by an extra tier without cost.

Runes & Glyphs

Runes and Glyphs introduce additional dynamics to crafting. Runes, such as the Rune of Shattering, alter the crafting process's purpose, mainly used for item shattering. Glyphs complement the regular crafting process, working alongside runes.

Tips for Beginners

For beginners seeking a deeper understanding of Last Epoch, a comprehensive list of tips and tricks offers valuable insights into approaching the game strategically.

Initiate crafting early in the game to facilitate a smoother leveling experience.

Place emphasis on acquiring good base items for crafting.

Strategically use the Glyph of Hope or aim for Critical Success to conserve Forging Potential.

Familiarize yourself with runes and glyphs to harness advanced crafting mechanics.

Crafting in Last Epoch is not just a system; it's an art. It adds depth and personalization to your gear, ensuring that every piece tells a unique tale of your journey in Eterra. Whether you are refining your gear for optimal performance or embarking on a quest for the perfect item, mastering the craft is an integral aspect of your adventure in Last Epoch.

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