Linksys Router Blinking Orange? Resolve the Problem

Linksys manufacturer a line of routers that link to the user's internet service through a cable. It then transmits data to your computer. There are two versions of routers, wired and wireless. Wired routers transmit information to various computers on a network through cables, while wireless one delivers information via the air to multiple computers or a specific machine. You will find an orange light in the front of your Linksys wireless routers. When you see Linksys router blinking orange, it means a malfunctioning router firmware. In this article, you'll find how to resolve this issue.

What to Do on Finding Linksys Router Blinking Orange Light
As mentioned before, a blinking orange light indicates some problem in the firmware. Firmware means the data stored within the router. You can use the following methods to stop the orange light from blinking.

Update router firmware
Many users forget about updating their router firmware. A failure to update can also lead to your router blinking orange light.
Navigate to the 'Admin' panel and tap on the 'Administration' tab.
Choose 'Firmware' upgrade.
Choose the 'Firmware file' on your system.
Tap' Start upgrade.' Your firmware will get upgraded.

Fix the modem router connection
If your router isn't properly linked to the modem, it will blink orange. Follow these steps to fix the modem router connection.

Take away the power cord from your modem and router.
Disconnect the cable linking your modem to your router.
Link the power cord to the router.
Connect the power cord properly to the modem.
Plug your internet cable into the router's WAN port. Plug it's another end to your modem.

After this, switch on the power for both the router and modem. Unplugging the modem for about 10 seconds and plugging it again is a measure you can take to fix most of these issues.

Inspect the internet status
Another reason behind your router blinking orange light is an ISP issue. Often, Internet Service Providers have outages which result in this problem. To verify if it's an ISP problem, you can check your modem for internet status. Follow these steps.

Unplug power cords from your router and modem.
Next, unplug the Ethernet cable from these devices.
Now link the modem and router through the Ethernet cable.
Plug the power cable of the modem with the router being off. Then switch it on.
Now see if your computer has an internet connection. If you can access the internet from the modem, there aren't any ISP issues. But if you find no connection, it can be an outage.

Final Words
Try these measures when you find your Linksys router blinking orange light. One of them will surely fix this issue. But if the router keeps blinking orange light even after implementing these fixes, contact professional Linksys support services.

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