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Tal Dilian explores National Cyber Intelligence Systems during War

Posted by Maxima Voltz on May 26, 2022 at 1:52am 0 Comments

It is never easy and risky, particularly in times of war. According to Tal Dilian the cyber security specialist and cyber expert , gathering accurate information and making a war-related decision from it can change the tide of war. As the world is moving into the modern age in which we are more connected than ever, a variety of methods of intelligence gathering are being developed. Cyber intelligence is among them.

Cyber intelligence is the tracking, identification, neutralizing and…


Mac Rar: Easiest Way for Compressing and Decompressing

Mac Rar: Easiest Way for Compressing and Decompressing

Many friends and to each, I have to send a huge volume of photos. I don’t understand how can I send this? Oh yes! I have the ultimate tool as a solution. That is Mac rar. This is a tool which commonly used for archiving the large volume of data. This tool is the solution to all problem which meets on the Macintosh platform while archiving any files. It solves the biggest problem of the Mac platform. The common problem faced by Mac users is that after zipping any file on this platform they cannot unzip it on other platforms and vice-versa. But now they can zip and unzip any file cross-platform files.

Rar is the best archive file format for compressing and decompressing any large volume of data. The compression rate of this format is comparatively high than the others. Easily you can send your favorite photos to your family and friends by compressing it. As the term is that small file transfer more easily than the large file over the network. So this is an important tool for people who always use the internet to send files and for all. In just a few minutes you can send all your photos.

Mac rar is specially designed for multimedia files because they are large in volume. Softwares regarding this are available in the markets and many users are taking advantage of this. Many features are included in the Mac rar software like you can view the whole file before decompressing them, take a preview of JPEG file without decompressing it, add or delete any file in the archive, automatically repair the corrupted file in the archive, for security purpose you can password protect the archive, protect your file from corruption and there are many more such features are available in Mac rar software.

After using the Mac rar software you can experience the easiness in transferring the data and of course, you can save a lot of space of your hard disk by compressing all large volumes of data. Easily you can access and take a backup of all files.

maria is a good writer on various topics. view more articles on Mac rar.

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