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We have solutions that are long-lasting. There are many instances that the repaired MacBook does not work for a couple of hours after the warranty expires. We stand behind our work by giving you a lifetime warranty on any repair work we’ve completed (except batteries that come with a 1-year warranty). There’s no need to worry about warranty expirations. We will offer the best possible service to ensure you don’t have to worry over your MacBook. We utilize genuine spare parts supplied by the most reputable Suppliers If you send us your device in for repair, we will use original spare parts to ensure the top quality repair on your MacBook. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all repair services we provide. What you receive is always authentic products. Same-Day Repair We know how hard it is to be with you MacBook in even one few hours. We provide same-day repairs. You can take an laptop with you to the service centre in Gurgaon or phone us to have it picked up from your residence or workplace if you live within Gurgaon. We’ll do the best we can to solve your issues within the very next day. Best of Technicians We understand your worries about high-quality repairs. So we have sourced the best team. Make My Lappy boasts the best type of technicians and the level 4 of expertise. You can rest assured of the fact that all your Apple items are good with us. Each member of our team has many years of experience and the most advanced tools and technologies. We make sure that our clients leave with a smile. Free Diagnosis If you’d like to get a an immediate diagnosis, visit the MacBook Service Center in Gurgaon or contact our number at (8130609004). We at our League of Techies will be willing to assist you in determining what’s wrong on your MacBook. There’s no need to fret about the replacement of your components It’s a typical scenario. You can send your MacBook to repair your motherboard and, often, genuine components are replaced. Because your laptop doesn’t start, you will not know what is happening within the device. Make My Lappy is a company that believes in honesty and integrity. Make My Lappy, we strongly believe in keeping our own components and not taking part into unethical business methods. If you’re able to believe in the services of an Apple repair center then you can count on us. Common problems we address Display Are you experiencing issues with your MacBook experiencing display issues? Our expert technicians will fix the MacBook display with cutting-edge equipment and original Apple parts, ensuring you will have your screen back in good condition in just several hours. Battery Are you worried that your MacBook getting old by the time you disconnect your charger? If this is the case, contact us or take us to us your MacBook to us and we’ll League of Techies will efficiently replace the MacBook batteries with new one in a matter of minutes. Trackpad Is your trackpad no longer clicking or working correctly or just not responding? It could be due to an issue with the hardware. In the MacBook repair centre, you are able to restore the trackpad that died in a flash. We have the best technicians and skilled technicians. Reliable MacBook repair technicians that can fix the problem quickly. Touch Bar The touch bar on the MacBook gives you shortcuts that are specific to apps that make it easier for you to complete your tasks. It can be very annoying when it stops responding and becomes stuck or acts out in an unpredictable manner. We have MacBook repair technicians are skilled and have the equipment to perform effective repairs to the touch bar within one day. Keyboard The keyboard on a MacBook can not function for a variety of reasons. It might not function when you splashed water on it or because of USB/Bluetooth software, or other problems. In the MacBook Repair Center in Gurgaon We repair any type of keyboard problem. No Boot What should you do when you have a deadline on your calendar and your MacBook will not turn on? You can either chew your nails or you could contact us. In our service centre for MacBook our skilled and experienced repair technicians can quickly determine the issue, correct the problem, and if needed to reinstall Mac OS. Mac operating system. Frequently Asked Questions How much time will my MacBook repair will take? We provide a 24/7 priority service for the majority of the hardware replacements including screen replacement and battery. It involves a series of thorough tests to make sure all is in good functioning condition before you receive the MacBook back. In the event of motherboard-related issues, we fix the majority of the issues within 24 to 73 hours. We understand how challenging to be without your MacBook can be , and we strive to return it to you as soon as we can. Do I have to make a payment on line prior to sending in the MacBook to repair? We only pay you when you receive the repaired MacBook. You can pay us with cash or with a credit cards UPI, Wallet online or via bank transfer. My MacBook has been slow since updating to the most recent version MacOS. Do you have any suggestions? Yes, we can. The most recent version of MacOS typically requires more hardware resources, which could make your MacBook to be slow. It is possible to check the possibility of a standard service to resolve the issue, however, a an upgrade to your hardware is always a good alternative to make it run much faster and prolong the longevity of your device. My MacBook is taking a very long time to start. Do you have the ability to convert the format of my HDD into SSD? The various models of MacBook have different models of SSD that are compatible with them. We can assist you in identifying the appropriate SSD that is compatible on your MacBook and help you replace you HDD with the proper SSD. How can I increase the RAM on my MacBook? Certain MacBook models come with On-Board RAM which is not upgraded. However, if you could provide us with the MacBook Model Number We can determine that your Model can support RAM upgrade, and if it does, we will complete the upgrade for you in only several hours. Lines appear on the MacBook Display. Is it possible to repair them? The lines on the display are result of an LCD problem that cannot be repaired, and will require complete replacement of the display panel. Contact us at 8130609004 and we’ll be more than happy to help you with that. Do you provide any kind of guarantee on MacBook repairs? In the event of any MacBook repairs, you will receive lifetime warranty for all components, with the exception of the battery which is covered by a an assurance for one year. The reason for this is that batteries are a consumable item that degrades over the passage of time and use. Do you need my password to MacBook repair? It is recommended that prior to giving away your MacBook to someone else, you take the backup, and if you are able activate the Guest user option , so that you can log in to the Guest account and conduct the full test of its functionality in order to conduct a thorough testing and quality test, we need control of the laptop. MacBook Repair Services in Gurgaon Are you an MacBook owner who lives within Gurgaon? If so, it’s highly likely that if your MacBook is affected by a problem then you’ll find yourself in the hot seat and you will need to make a crucial choice. “Where do I go for my MacBook Pro or MacBook Air repair?” It is important to know that you should not trust your MacBook to one of the repair facilities that have sprouted all over the city. Your MacBook deserves the very best repair service. Make My Lappy offers you that service. Make My Lappy’s MacBook repair facility is dedicated to providing the most secure and most trustworthy Apple repairs for your device. When we repair your MacBook it is safe to never need to be concerned about shoddy repairs. The most reliable MacBook service center located in Gurgaon We have MacBook repair specialists are equipped with the latest abilities and the latest diagnostic tools. They can quickly identify the issue and tell you why the device isn’t working in a proper manner. The diagnosis service we offer is completely cost-free. Our technicians will inform you the process they’ll take to fix the issue and the amount you need to pay for the repair. There aren’t any charges for repairs that aren’t disclosed in the event that you choose to have the machine repaired by Our MacBook repair center located in Gurgaon. Make My Lappy has the latest advanced MacBook repair tools available in its arsenal. Our expert repair technicians utilize tools to repair anything from the most basic to the most complicated issues which have negatively affected the performance of your device. They are always able to solve your issue correctly since they have been trained and skilled as well as because they only make use of authentic Apple parts. We are aware that a non-genuine component could further harm your MacBook as well, which is why there’s the possibility of repairing it using non-original parts. MacBook Repair at the tap of the button If you’re looking to find MacBook Air screen replacement, or MacBook Air Display replacement, MacBook Pro screen replacement or MacBook Pro Speak replacement, we have it all. In the MacBook Repair Center, we can fix every type of MacBook issues, such as display batteries, keyboards as well as touchpads, keyboards, and bar. We also can restore the MacBook that isn’t turning on. In our repair procedure we will take into consideration the highest Apple standards and the importance you place on the value of your Apple machine. If you are unable to bring your device in to the MacBook repair center, we’ll take it to the location you prefer located in Gurgaon.

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