Mahindra 32 Seater Bus: Comfort, Safety, And Reliability For Group Transportation

The Mahindra 32 seater bus is a spacious and versatile option for transporting larger groups of people. With a seating capacity of 32 passengers, it is ideal for various applications such as school transportation, employee commuting, and tourism purposes. This Mahindra 32 seater  bus is designed to provide comfort and safety to passengers, with features like comfortable seating arrangements, ample legroom, and safety features. The Mahindra 32 seater bus is built to handle long-distance travel while ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride for passengers. Its robust construction and reliable performance make it a popular choice for fleet operators and transportation companies.

Some of the models of Mahindra 32 seater bus are mentioned below :- 

Mahindra Cruzo School 3370 (26/31 Seater) 

This Mahindra 32 seater bus comes with the gross weight of 6100 Kg with the axle configuration of 4x2 and a overall length of 6475 mm. This highly modern and amazing school bus is one of the most trustworthy and top-featured vehicles in today’s time. Not only this it has amazing engine displacement of 2500 CC 4 cylinders with 2.5 litre mDI turbocharged intercooled engine which generates the power of 80 HP with the torque of 220 Nm which makes this amazing mahindra Cruzo stand apart from the other latest contemporaries.

We hope that you are not satisfied with these above-mentioned specifications. so,let us quickly see some amazing features of this Mahindra Cruzo school bus.

Which has amazing hydraulic service brakes, ABS, anti-roll bar and flap type seat belts on front seats makes this vehicle the safest bus of this segment. Not only this, the amazing grab handles available on each seat, window guardrail, guide grab rail , first aid box, fire extinguisher, peep window, and step lamp makes the journey more safe to its passengers.

Along with this Mahindra Cruzo School 3370 a 32 seater bus also contains tilt and telescopic adjustable power steering and also has a 4 way adjustable driver seat. Mahindra 32 seater bus also have digital with mileage indicator instrument cluster which has front and rear windshield of single piece laminated glass and and single piece tempered glass respectively and a tubular hatrack.

We hope that this small introduction of the very amazing Mahindra Cruzo school bus would be helpful for you.

With this we would leave the final decision upto you. Hope it will be useful. so, go and book your Mahindra 32 seater bus right now directly from our website e.i.

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