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Minnesota burglars are using Wi-Fi jammers to disable home security systems

Minnesota police have reported a series of incidents where burglars have demonstrated their growing technological expertise. These criminals have been employing Wi-Fi bluetooth jammer to temporarily disrupt the connected security systems of homeowners. It is suspected that this technique has been utilized in a total of nine robberies within the past six months.

Authorities in Edina, Minnesota, have stated that the recent series of burglaries occurring over the last six months are not targeting victims randomly. Rather, the perpetrators are specifically targeting residences in upscale neighborhoods, waiting for them to be empty before breaking in to minimize the risk of confrontation.

The intriguing aspect of this situation lies in the fact that the perpetrators are utilizing Wi-Fi jammers to disable the security systems of the targeted residences, including surveillance cameras. Subsequently, they proceed to pilfer safes, jewelry, and various upscale items.

Mark Lanterman, a cybersecurity specialist, informed KARE11 that signal jammers do not block signals; instead, they overwhelm wireless networks, preventing legitimate traffic from reaching devices.

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), it is against federal law to engage in the operation, marketing, or sale of any form of jamming equipment that disrupts authorized radio communications. This includes interference with cellular and personal communication services, police radar, and global positioning systems. It is important to note that there are no exceptions for using such equipment within a business, classroom, residence, or vehicle. Additionally, local law enforcement agencies do not possess the independent authority to utilize jamming equipment.

However, Wi-Fi jammers are still available for purchase online from international sources, ranging in price from $40 to $1,000. Incidents have been reported involving the use of these devices to bypass connected home security systems, including Ring video doorbells, for several years.

To minimize the potential dangers associated with Wi-Fi jammer burglaries, several recommended measures can be taken. One effective approach is to employ a wired camera system both inside and outside your residence, which directly links to a local storage device. Additionally, it is advisable to install security alarms and lighting systems that do not depend on wireless networks. Furthermore, considering that these burglaries occurred during unoccupied periods, leaving lights or the television switched on could potentially decrease the attractiveness of your home as a target.

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