Most significant travel agencies in Peru

Traveling is a transformative endeavor that enriches lives in profound ways. Beyond the surface allure of discovering new places, it holds the power to broaden horizons, deepen understanding, and cultivate personal growth.

Peru, a land of rich history, diverse landscapes, and unparalleled cultural heritage, has become a prime destination for travelers seeking to experience the magic of South America. At the heart of facilitating these unforgettable experiences are travel agencies that specialize in crafting tailored adventures. In this article, we delve into the five most prominent travel agencies in Peru, shedding light on their unique offerings, exceptional services, and pivotal roles in making travel dreams a reality.

Guru Explorers:

Guru Explorers stands at the forefront of Peru's travel industry, renowned for curating transformative experiences that immerse travelers in the essence of the country. With an unwavering commitment to sustainable tourism, Guru Explorers focuses on preserving Peru's cultural and natural treasures while fostering meaningful connections between travelers and local communities.

The agency's expertise lies in crafting personalized itineraries that cater to various interests, whether it's exploring the iconic Machu Picchu, navigating the Amazon rainforest, or indulging in culinary delights. Guru Explorers' team of seasoned guides possesses an in-depth understanding of Peru's history, culture, and ecology, ensuring travelers gain a comprehensive insight into the destinations they visit. Through community engagement initiatives, the agency actively contributes to local development, enhancing the authenticity of travelers' experiences.

Amazon Adventures:

For those yearning to explore the enigmatic Amazon rainforest, Amazon Adventures emerges as a trailblazing travel agency in Peru. Specializing in eco-friendly expeditions, the agency is dedicated to showcasing the astounding biodiversity and intricate ecosystems of the Amazon basin while promoting responsible travel practices.

Amazon Adventures offers a range of immersive activities, from wildlife spotting and birdwatching to canoe excursions led by experienced naturalists. With a strong emphasis on environmental conservation, the agency educates travelers about sustainable practices and the vital role the Amazon rainforest plays in global ecological balance. Through partnerships with local conservation organizations, Amazon Adventures contributes directly to the protection of this vital ecosystem.

Andean Path Travel:

As an authority in adventure tourism, Andean Path Travel has carved a niche for itself by facilitating transformative experiences in the Andean highlands and beyond. The agency's primary focus lies in trekking expeditions to iconic sites such as the Inca Trail, Salkantay Trek, and Rainbow Mountain.
Andean Path Travel places a premium on safety, providing top-notch equipment, knowledgeable guides, and well-planned itineraries. Trekkers can relish the breathtaking landscapes while delving into the cultural tapestry of indigenous communities along the way. The agency's commitment to ethical tourism includes supporting local economies and championing responsible trekking practices to ensure the preservation of these cherished routes for generations to come.

View Peru & Signatures:

View Peru & Signatures stands out as a luxury travel agency, offering discerning travelers a blend of opulence and authenticity. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, the agency crafts bespoke journeys that encompass Peru's most iconic destinations, from the majestic Andes to the captivating colonial cities.

From private guided tours to lavish accommodations, View Peru & Signatures caters to the needs of travelers seeking a refined experience. The agency's dedication to personalized service extends beyond the travel experience, as it collaborates closely with clients to design tailor-made itineraries that reflect their preferences and desires. View Peru & Signatures encapsulates Peru's allure through the lens of elegance and sophistication.


Renowned for its pioneering spirit and commitment to sustainable adventure tourism, Explorandes has earned a prominent place in Peru's travel landscape. The agency specializes in high-altitude treks, cultural immersions, and expedition-style trips that delve into the heart of remote and unspoiled regions.

Explorandes' expeditions are characterized by expert leadership, safety protocols, and a strong connection to local communities. Travelers have the opportunity to engage in authentic interactions with indigenous groups, gaining insights into their customs and way of life. The agency's dedication to conservation is evident through initiatives that promote eco-friendly practices and contribute to the preservation of Peru's diverse landscapes.

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