Natural Methods To Dehumidify Your House


Being comfortable and maintaining a healthy levels of commercial air purification is important due to a variety of reasons. A humid atmosphere causes the human body to be less effective at producing heat, making us sweat more. It also makes it more easy for harmful microbes to thrive in your home.

A home with a humid environment is vulnerable to mold growth. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, the risks of mold are usually underestimated by people.

"What many people don't realize is that mold can cause you to become extremely sick , and even kill you. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, molds can cause illnesses in any way that they are found.

Some of the health issues that result from prolonged exposure to mold include headaches, stress as well as joint and muscle discomfort, flu-like symptoms respiratory problems and fatigue. It's, therefore, vital to take the necessary steps to keep humidity levels in your home within the standard range of 30 - 50 percent.

How Do You Know You Need to Dehumidify Your Home

Alongside the health signs mentioned above, there are several telltale indications that the humidity levels inside your home are too high. Spots of mold on ceilings or corners can suggest excessive moisture.

Condensation, which is usually found on windows, is a different indication of excessive humidity within a home. You should also look out for musty smells and decaying wood. It is imperative to examine your home for moisture when you notice any of these signs. If the results are greater than 50%, you should take steps to reduce the moisture in your home.

Methods to naturally dehumidify Your Home

The simplest way to home dehumidification an apartment is to use a dehumidifier. They can be costly and consume lots of electricity. Also, dehumidifiers can sometimes cause the air inside homes too dry, creating a whole new set of issues. There are natural ways to dehumidify your home.

Soak the moistness

If you place pots of calcium chloride in troublesome areas of your home You should notice an immediate decrease in the humidity levels. You can purchase the powdered chemical in big hardware stores. It is inexpensive and naturally absorbs moisture.

You can sell your home

The simplest and most affordable way to drastically reduce humidity in your house is to increase ventilation. The most efficient method to accomplish this is to open your doors and windows as frequently as possible. It may be worthwhile to place fans in problem areas to keep the air circulating. It's also a smart idea to place extraction fans in areas most vulnerable to excessive humidity, such as the attic and kitchens.

Clear Away Indoor Plants

The plants release moisture into the air, which could have an immediate and substantial impact on the level of humidity. The live plants must be removed from the outside and replaced with synthetic ones indoors.

Shorter showers are better

The primary humid source in most houses is the bathroom - in particular, showers. Be sure to turn the ventilation fans running during your shower, and that the windows and doors are open for at minimum 30 minutes. You can cut down on the amount of moisture your home is exposed to by reducing time spent in the shower.

Vent Dryers

Drying clothes on line is more efficient than drying them with dryer. If you do need to use dryers, make sure that it's vented properly. Alternatively, invest in a condenser dryer which stores most of the moisture inside the internal reservoir.

Install a Solar Air Heater

Installing a solar-powered air heater can be quite costly and is the most effective method to deal with a chronic and extreme humidity problem. The heater draws fresh air from outside. The air is then dried, heated and then filtered prior to being returned to the house.

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