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    Butyronitrile is a natural compound synthesized from acrylonitrile and butadiene. Nitrile (jīng): A kind of natural compound with a one-of-a-kind scent that decomposes when uncovered to acid or alkali. Molecular formula: C4H7N Molecular weight: 69.10 CAS No.: 109-74-0 Appearance: Colorless obvious liquid Content: 98% Packing: a hundred and fifty kg/barrel Use is a key uncooked fabric for natural synthesis and pharmaceutical intermediates.

    Nitrile gloves are an amazing aggregate of mechanical electricity and chemical resistance. There is a collection of disposable, non-lined, and lined two exclusive varieties.

    Nitrile gloves can be divided into powdered (Powdered) and powder-free (Powder Free).

1. Outstanding chemical resistance, resistance to a sure pH, and suitable chemical safety in opposition to corrosive elements such as solvents and petroleum.
2. Good bodily properties, desirable tear resistance, puncture resistance and friction resistance.
3. The fashion is comfortable. The curved fingers of the glove palm-based totally on the ergonomic diagram make it cozy to put on and facilitate blood circulation.
4. Does now not include protein, amino compounds, and different detrimental substances, and not often motives allergies.
5. The degradation time is short, effortless to handle, and environmental protection.
6. There is no silicon factor and positive antistatic performance, which is appropriate for the PVC gloves manufacturing wants of the electronics industry.
7. Low floor chemical residues, low ion content, small particle content, appropriate for strict smooth room environment.

Applications: Widely used in electronics factories, scientific inspections, meals industry, housework, chemical industry, aquaculture, glass products, scientific lookup and different industries.

    After returning and recycling, do the right job in the storage and administration of the latex hand gloves, which can enhance the recycling and cleansing effects of the gloves. Note the following:
1. Use smooth packaging baggage or plastic barrels to seal the packaging to stop dirt air pollution and extrusion damage;
2. After sealing, region it in a ventilated and dry vicinity to keep away from daylight and limit yellowing;
3. Arrange for disposal as quickly as possible, such as sending it to be cleaned for regeneration or discarded.

Maintenance instructions
1. Nitrile hand gloves can successfully face up to natural solvents, and their principal benefits are excessive electricity and excessive elasticity. It is broadly speaking furnished to work stations whose fingers are in steady contact with liquid chemicals, such as chemical warehouses, alcohol cleaning, etc. Since the primary characteristic of nitrile rubber is to forestall natural solvents, however, it is now not resistant to piercing, it is crucial to be more cautious when they use it. Do no longer pull or put on it strongly. Therefore, it is required to put on nitrile gloves on the outside. Veil gloves to minimize the diploma of put on nitrile gloves and prolong their provider life.

2. When carrying nitrile gloves for some cleansing operations, due to the fact some merchandise has some sharp edges, and these sharp edges are the best to penetrate nitrile gloves, and as soon as they penetrate even a small hole, it is ample Let the cleansing agent soak interior the glove, making the complete glove useless. Therefore, in addition to requiring cautious dealing with all through use, finger cots have to be worn on the pinnacle of the gloves.

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