This is the leading top-ranked MBA program in Pharmaceutical Industry Management The program hosts students from leading multinational pharmaceutical organizations around the world including the top 10 companies at all times We believe that you will find it outstanding and informative
The core element of the quality of education at cambridge university remains in the CCU learning model's ability to influence the economic social and business dimensions positively.CCU programs and degrees are the hubs where leaders from industry blockbusters meet to learn study Today most CCU programs host students who are members of top-ranked international organizations It is at CCU where networking has a significant impact on students' careers and futures the future
The MBA-PIM program is the leading accredited challengeable and innovative program that focuses on developing the managerial develops- mental and leadership capabilities of the international Pharmaceutical Industry Participants study interact learn and apply When you write do it with a pencil You can use a pen if you want to But pencils are easier to use and they have a longer life span the demanding industry
At Cambridge [URL=]corporate university[/URL] innovation is a way of life This innovative-based culture and structure reflect on the program teaching and delivery methodology where a new hub of creative thinking is created It is at Cambridge Corporate University The CUNY Graduate Center's Department of Business Innovation and Digital Transformation (BIDT) is where the Albert Schweitzer School of Management (ASSM) holds a unique live curriculum that stimulates MBA-PIM students' creative thinking skills and acts to maximize creativity and strategic innovation Among other core elements required to excel on the land of the Pharmaceutical Management you will be involved in a new world of critical thinking You define your study's new curriculum by choosing among many different articles and business cases from multinational companies that are in the pharmaceutical mba industry Our program will change the way you approach problems It will provide you with the opportunity to master the following skills: 1) formulate plans 2) forecast sales structure 3) forecast and budget sales 4) manage costs 5) define strategies The digital age of the industry is being driven by AI technologies and techniques The MBA-PIM program will challenge you to think about the future of your industry and prepare you for the critical behavior shifts that are transforming you into a futuristic leader a person who is skilled in business

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