Poclain Excavator-Global Brand for Indian Construction Business

Experience French technology at its best for off the road construction and earthwork with Poclain excavators. Poclain has maintained its unique position with quality radial piston hydraulic motors and competitive pricing among many international players in excavation work.

Dealers, Truck owners, and businesses can explore for second hand Poclain excavators. You will get genuine sellers and buyers on this interactive online marketplace. In addition, you can also hire on rent.

About Poclain

Georges Bataille started Poclain in France in 1927. Their hydraulic motors was a grand success for off-road vehicles and industrial application. They moved into the excavator business in 1951 with the TU, a hydraulic excavator model. After the successful response, they launched the TO model in 1956.

The company introduced TY45 in 1962. This game-changer Poclain excavator was equipped with a complete 360-degree rotating excavator on a three-wheeled undercarriage. Later they expanded their portfolio with mobile cranes and entered the international market.

Poclain excavators have manufacturing facilities in India, Japan, Korea, Argentina, Czech Republic.

Advanced Features of Poclain Excavators

Excavators from Poclain come with innovative and user-friendly features for off and on-road requirements. The machines are the best hydraulic transmissions based on their cam-lobe radial-piston motors. This global leader offers reliable and efficient solutions for a range of construction requirements.

Off-Road Features

Boosted Braking technology facilitates hydrostatic braking capabilities. It controls friction and avoids over-speeding during braking. This trademarked technology of Poclain Excavators has useful applications for off-road and on-site projects.

Electronic Anti-skid System

The electronic anti-skid system from Poclain Excavators provides an electronic traction control feature. It improves the off-road driving experience, particularly during low adherence conditions. All commercial vehicles are eligible for this technology.

Energy Savings

The EcoDrive technology from Poclain automatically decreases thermal engine rotation frequency with minimal intervention from the driver and without reducing the machine’s movement by the pump displacement.

It boosts the efficiency of the machine and saves energy in the process.

Twin Lock System

Poclain Excavators also offers a hydraulic anti-skid system. Their twin-lock anti-skid system improves driving capabilities essentially in low grip situations. It improves performance by transferring the torque from the wheels.

On-road Features

AWD for Mobility

Addidrive from Poclain excavators provides a reliable alternative to the all-wheel mechanical drive. It helps in mobility during different weathers and terrains.

Constant and Low-Speed Drive

CreepDrive technology of Poclain helps inconsistent driving on the road at a low speed. It has two independent transmissions: a hydrostatic and standard mechanical.

Poclain excavators are quality par excellence with innovative technologies. These machines are efficient, durable, and give value to your money. You can visit and explore listings for Poclain excavators to add them to your fleet at a reasonable price from genuine sellers.

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